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October 2021
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Gwynfryn Jones, Master of Print

Huge congratulations to Gwynfryn Jones of Gwynfa CC who received an acceptance in the 2021 the Master of Print competition with his print “Social Distancing”, see below.

We believe Gwynfryn to be the only successful WPF entrant this year. It is his third acceptance in three years in a competition limited to only 60 acceptances. Well done indeed.

WPF Zoom Licence

Dear Club Secretary,

You are probably aware that the WPF purchased a Zoom licence and made it available for use by all WPF Clubs, and several Clubs have made use of the service, sometimes before purchasing their own licence.

This Zoom facility requires a host to open the meeting, admit attendees, and deal with any problems that arise during the meeting. WPF Executive Member David (Del) Jones has been responsible for all the activity on the account since its inception. It has been an enormous amount of work, and Del has given up many hours of his time in support of this. It is now proposed that he takes a summer break from this work. Therefore, no more Zoom bookings will be accepted by him during the months of June, July and August. During that time, the Executive will review the use of the facility going forward.

The account is also used for Executive meetings, the WPF AGM, Welsh Salon appraisal, the AWPF workshop and assessment and the judging of other WPF competitions., and the WPF online Conference. It is truly a valuable and well used resource.

All the work in connection with this has been done by Del, and on your behalf, and that of the WPF Executive, I wish to thank him very much for the hard work and dedication he has given in this matter.

Martin Nagle, General Secretary, WPF.

Lancaster Medals for Peter Young & Roy Thomas

The PAGB have awarded the J S Lancaster Medal to 2 WPF members, namely Peter Young, and Roy Thomas. This award is for Exceptional Service to the PAGB and is a very rare honour.

Since the inception of the award in 1998 there have only been 33 recipients. The last time the honour was bestowed on a WPF member was in 2002 when it was awarded to Ainslie Stuart-Jones. The recipients can use the honorific Hon PAGB.

The medal is named after J.S.Lancaster who proposed the setting up of the PAGB, and was the secretary from its founding in 1930 until 1946.

The whole Executive are proud to congratulate both Peter and Roy, and share this good news with everyone.

Martin Nagle, General Secretary, WPF.

Welcome our new WPF President

On 7th March 2021, we were fortunate enough to hold the WPF AGM via zoom. So, as with traditional standards, on behalf of the WPF executive committee, I would like to thank our immediate past president Peter Young for his ability, due diligence and foresight in leading the WPF executive committee through probably one of the most challenging two year tenures on record, the Covid pandemic has tested us all, none, more than Peter during lockdown after lockdown, but, Peter held us all together and indeed flourished with regard to changing technologies being utilised to it’s great potential. Thank you Peter for your two year tenure as our president.

Again, on behalf of the WPF executive committee, I will warmly welcome our very accomplished new WPF president, Jenny Hibbert (MPAGB: EFIAP/g: AWPF). Jenny has been unanimously elected to this prestigious role and she has readily accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. Jenny is widely regarded for her outstanding nature photography, which has afforded her many rewards and international recognition. For the last few years Jenny has also been the PAGB distinctions officer, a position she has kindly agreed to continue with. When elected, Jenny mentioned how she is looking forward to leading the executive committee for the next two years, we as a committee reciprocate and look forward to being championed by Jenny.

Many thanks:-
Martin Nagle: General Secretary & Equipment Officer
Susan Surridge: Vice President & Judges/Presenters Secretary
Dave Condon: Treasurer & Membership Officer
Ed Cloutman: FIAP Liaison Officer
Brian Coleman: Meritorious Service Committee Chairman
Denice Evans: Shadow Competition Secretary
Paul James: Shadow Exhibition Officer
David Delme Jones: Convention Officer & Zoom Manager
David Lewis: AWPF Distinctions Secretary
Ron Lines: Exhibitions Liaison Officer, Archivist Officer, Portfolio Officer, Health & Public Safety Officer
Cliff Emery: Welsh Salon Chairman
Alan Stokes: Publicity Officer
Roy Thomas: Competitions Officer & PAGB Member
Peter Young: Welsh International Chairman & Immediate Past President

Alan Stokes (WPF Publicity officer)


It was an enormous pleasure for me, at the WPF’s AGM on Sunday 7-Mar-21, to be able virtually to present to Brian Coleman the Award for Meritorious Service of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (APAGB) and to congratulate him on his achievement.  This is an award which is given to individual club members who have given meritorious service over many years within the PAGB community of member Federations and affiliated clubs.  Brian meets that criterion in spades.

He is a long-time member of Bridgend CC and has been its General Secretary for many years.  Clubs view him as a popular judge and presenter and, over more recent years, he has been selecting both National and International exhibitions.  On the WPF Executive, he has held the position of Chairman of the Welsh Salon, expanding the Salon to include members of the NWPA.  At the same time, he became Vice-President, President and Immediate Past President.  After he handed over the reins of the Welsh Salon, he became Honorary General Secretary and now remains as a Past President member, always willing to offer the benefit of his varied experience.

During the period of his Presidency, it became known that most of our funds had gone missing and Brian led the Federation successfully through that particularly difficult time.

I sit on the APAGB Committee of the PAGB and so I know that, when his nomination was circulated, all of the members approved it, without question, as soon as they had read the papers.

Brian, I look forward to the time when I shall be able to shake you by the hand and congratulate you face to face.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB (Immediate Past President of the WPF, Chairman (now) of the PAGB’s Awards for Meritorious Service Committee).

A plea for Judge Assessment Forms

Could I please ask all clubs to nominate someone to complete a Judges Assessment Form after each club competition.

It only takes a few minutes to complete online, but is essential information for new judges, letting them know that they’re doing well and meeting the clubs’ criteria, and for those more experienced / seasoned judges to know that they’re meeting expectations in line with the increased capability of post processing skills. Those are the positives. It’s also important for me to know about anyone who does not meet requirements, although I would hope these are very few in number.

The nominee need not be an officer of the club but a club member who would give fair minded and balanced feedback on behalf of and in consultation with other club members.

Judges Assessment forms may be found on the WPF Website, on the Home page, in the right hand column.

Many thanks,
Susan Surridge (WPF Judges and Presenters Secretary) 
email: wpfjandp@gmail.com

2021 Welsh Salon Results

Here are the results from the 2021 Welsh Salon of Photography. Please report any inaccuracies to Cliff Emery. welshsalon@thewpf.co.uk

All Awards

Open Colour Acceptances

Open Monochrome Acceptances

Nature Acceptances

All Acceptances Collated by Club

Jean Price

We have received some very sad news from Gwynfa Camera Club.

Their friend and member Jean Price passed away in the early hours of this morning, April 8th. It was not Covid related.

Jean had been a member of Gwynfa for many years and served on the committee for a good number of them. She also initiated many of Gwynfa’s social events including trips to Paris, Ireland and Barcelona.

Our thoughts are with her family and her many good friends at this very difficult time.

FIAP Changes Postponed

STOP PRESS !!! The changes have been rolled back and will no longer be applied !!

CHANGE NOTICE (March 2021) – On 3rd March 2021 FIAP have announced that the introduction of the changes to the FIAP Distinction Rules (published 4 weeks previously) are being postponed due to constitutional reasons and will not be introduced until they have been put before the next FIAP Congress, which will not take place until 2022 at the earliest. They have also extended the withdrawal of print acceptance requirements for AFIAP and EFIAP applicants for 2022.

This means that the old rules will remain in place for 2022 at least. In consequence of this there are the following issues that Exhibitors need to be aware of when planning to enter salons in the near future:

Applicants for EFIAP can use their AFIAP results towards meeting the requirements for EFIAP.
Applicants for EFIAP Bronze will NOT be able to use any results towards their application that were gained before the date on their EFIAP certificate, which for PAGB exhibitors is usually about 1st June each year.
For the time being there will be no EFIAP Diamond d4 or d5 distinctions.


PSA Successes

PSA members in Wales have enjoyed successes in their progression through Stars and ROPA scheme which recognises success in International exhibitions.

Mike Bray achieved 3 star awards in Photo Travel and Photo Journalism sections.
David Edwards achieved 1 and 2 star awards in Photo Journalism
Paul James a relative new member achieved his first colour star
Ian Ledgard achieved Diamond 3 in Colour and Galaxy 6 in both Mono and Photo travel
Rhodri Phillips gained first stars in Colour, Photo Travel and Photo Journalism
Gary Shinner gained the ROPA award of MPSA2 and Galaxy 2 in Mono
Neville Thomas achieved 5 star in Colour.

That is an impressive list and does a lot to raise the profile of Welsh photography. All those mentioned are to be heartily congratulated.

From time to time I see Welsh based photographers featuring in the acceptance lists from International exhibitions. If you are one of those and you are interested in seeking PSA recognition of your work then please contact me for help or advice.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA (PSA Membership Director for Wales)  iledgard004@gmail.com

Alan Hoskins

We’ve just received the very sad news from Gwynfa CC that, after a short spell in hospital, their member Alan Hoskins has passed away. It was not Covid related.

Alan has been a members of Gwynfa for many years and achieved numerous successes in club competitions. His most recent success was winning the 2017 Jim Davis Trophy, one of Gwynfa’s most coveted awards.

Alan was an active member until very recently and participated in many of the club’s virtual meetings.

He will be missed by everyone.

2021 Ace of Clubs Results

Here are the results and award winners from the 2021 Ace of Clubs competition held via zoom on 21st February 2021. Many congratulations to the winners Tenby and second place Gwynfa who are invited to represent the WPF at the National PDI Championships later in the year. Congratulations also to all the award winners.

The final results and award winners can be see here and all the individual scores here.

Special thanks to our judges who spent the afternoon considering and marking your work; Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/d3; Paul Keene FRPS MPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAP and Roger Parry ARPS MPAGB HonPAGB EFIAP EsFIAP.

Huge thanks to all 13 clubs that participated and to everyone who attend via Zoom on Sunday afternoon. Thanks also to the WPF Team who looked after the day – Peter Young, Del Jones, Susan & John Surridge and Ed Cloutman

Adrian Webster

We’ve received this sad news from Vince Penticost at Western Valley CC.

It is with great sorrow that I inform you that Adrian Webster a long serving member and stalwart of Western Valley Camera Club has passed away suddenly.

He will be very sorely missed by all in our club and by his many friends in photography and elsewhere.

GB Cup & GB Trophy Changes

To read about significant changes to the judging of the GB Cup and GB Trophy, please read the latest edition of PAGB E-News.


Everyone in the WPF is very sad to hear of the passing of our good friend John Long DPAGB ARPS HonPAGB.

A long standing member of Bristol’s Kingswood PS, John was known for his friendly, unassuming manner and was well known and much respected throughout the Welsh photographic community.

You can read numerous tributes to John in this edition of PAGB e-News.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Online PAGB APM Results

The first PAGB APM online adjudication ran very smoothly, thanks mainly to a lot of hard work by Adrian Lines and Libby Smith. We were determined that we should view the entries at maximum quality and, although we used Zoom for communication, the images worked directly from our website so that we saw them exactly as they were uploaded by the entrant. Our thanks also to the Adjudicators who complied with our technical requirements for remote viewing and who worked hard throughout the day.

Judging on a large monitor at close range is obviously not the same as viewing on a 8’ screen some distance away. Some faults, such as over sharpening, were much more obvious on a monitor, whilst other issues were less obvious than they would be if projected. As a result, some images which had been used in previous submissions scored worse or better than might have been anticipated. This is an unfortunate disadvantage of the different method of viewing but, on this occasion, our Review Team looked at every image submitted, and I am happy to still be able to claim that no-one failed who should have passed. It is of course possible that some failed or passed with a lower total than they might have expected.

You can find more information and lots of images in this edition of PAGB E-news.

Rod Wheelans MPAGB. Chairman of the Awards for Photographic Merit