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Pixels 2020 – CANCELLED

Date: November 7, 2020

Stanley Chell Competiton – CANCELLED

Date: November 28, 2020


August 2020
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Online Speakers & Judges

When a judge or lecturer (I’ll call them speakers for convenience) is listed in the PAGB Handbook, he/she has entered into a compact with all the clubs affiliated to the Alliance. That compact says, in essence, that the speaker will give his/her time to the clubs for no remuneration. Reasonable expenses are payable and those are listed on pages 44 and 107 of the PAGB Handbook and on our website. In the main, they cover travelling expenses, subsistence and consumables. At no point are we seeking to make money by visiting a club. We do it because we feel that we want to give something back to the hobby that has given us so much enjoyment over the years. We want other clubs to benefit from what we have to say, even if it’s only the fun of pulling us to pieces in the pub after a meeting.

It is different for the relatively few lecturers who do make a charge. There is a note on page 44 regarding Expenses that says, “Please note – some lecturers will charge a fee, or additional expenses, over and above the PAGB expenses. “Lecturers who charge a fee or additional expenses are listed under a separate section at the foot of each federation’s entry. Lecturers who charge a fee of £50 or more are required to pay a one-off fee to the PAGB for their entry in each new edition of the handbook – currently £20 at the date of this edition – in return for which they are able to list additional information such as website, additional distinctions etc. Such additional lecturing fees must be agreed at the time of the booking.”

Covid-19 and the onset of online speaking have not changed any of that. The few who charge a fee may continue to charge a fee at the same level as before and the majority who may not charge a fee still may not charge a fee. Of course, no expenses are normally chargeable by the speaker either because there will have been no expenses.

It appears that some clubs feel that they should be paying something to an online speaker. Those clubs have no reason whatsoever to feel that way. Of course, there has never been any reason why a club may not make a gift to a speaker if they feel that they have been part of something special. That has also not changed in the current circumstances. While a fee is taxable, a gift is not. However, a request by the speaker for a gift turns it into a taxable fee. I understand that a post has been made on Facebook saying, “In my experience, nothing that is ‘free’ is ever valued.” Clearly the writer does not understand the system. I am aware of one Federation that has recommended that a club may make a gift of up to a certain sum of money. I’m not in favour of that. A recommended maximum will become a norm, not a maximum. Some clubs rely on their weekly subscriptions to cover the costs of an evening.

They will be unable to afford the new norm.

As a member of my own Federation said, “I always enjoy an e-mail of thanks or a signed card”.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – WPF President & PAGB Treasurer

Ace of Prints Cancelled

The Ace of Prints should have had a closing date of 21st June and a judging date of 5th July and we would normally now be sending out a formal reminder and a set of rules.

However, we have no option but to formally cancel the 2020 event.

We choose our 2 Clubs for the Blackburn event normally held in 3rd week of October and I believe that will be cancelled also; but If things change remarkably in the next couple of months and if I get an unlikely indication that the PAGB Club Print event is going ahead in October we can reconsider the situation at that time.

Whilst a PDI event could be considered to be run virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google or other software this is not at all practical when it comes to dealing with prints as we would need the Judges, print handlers and at least one member of each Club taking part to be in attendance – and how and with what do we clean the prints between each handover?

Please accept my apologies for this necessary decision.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Roy Thomas

RPS Talks & Workshops

The Royal Photographic Society is opeating lots of interesting events in the virtual world.

Details of their online workshops and live talks can be found here.

Inter-Club Print Championship News

The Inter-Club Print Championship is scheduled in Blackburn in October and is held in a school theatre. We don’t know yet if this will be available and if the event will be able to go ahead. Although some Federations have been unable to run the events which chooses their representatives, we will be opening the event for nominations soon.

The AGM of the PAGB was postponed and it is not yet possible to set a new date or venue.

No Warwick in 2020

I have been involved, for many years, working at, and subsequently running, the PAGB’s best attended live event at Warwick University and, as far as I am aware, this is the first ever to be cancelled.

Up to the middle of April the Arts Centre was closed until mid-May and when I contacted them on the 20th April that was still the case. However, on the 22nd April I received an email informing me that the decision had been made to extend the closure until mid-August and they would have to cancel our booking for the 11th July.

A sad day for the Inter-Club PDI Championship, as we already had the 8 Finalists from 2019 joining the battle, plus 12 Federations who had already nominated their 2 clubs, with a few days still to go to the closing date.

I then had to tell those 32 Clubs, the 3 judges and the PAGB Executive that our booking was cancelled. The Sponsors were also informed and, as you can imagine, they are very disappointed, especially after the Photography Show did not happen in March.

A light hearted comment from one club, who said that it was “obviously our turn to win and I should get the trophy engraved and send it to us!” Another club, who had qualified through their Federation for the first time, are very disappointed that they will miss their chance to appear on the Warwick Competitors list to do battle with all the other clubs.

We are working on a date for 2021. See you then.

Peter W Cheetham HonPAGB, Chair – PDI Championship Organising Committee.

Inter-Fed Comp & Exhibitions Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions that Covid-19 is placing on everyone, and the continued disruption to normal life that it is likely to continue to cause in the future, we would like to officially confirm that we have made the decision that it will not be possible to hold the Inter-Fed Competition and subsequent Exhibitions this year.

When we are able to gain access to the 2019 exhibition prints, (which are currently in storage, and were planned to be returned with this year’s returns after the competition judging), we will make a decision on the best course of action of how and when to return them back to the Federations. We hope to be able resume the competition in 2021.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this unprecedented difficult time for everyone, and hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Jane Lines MPAGB BPE3* – Chair Inter-Fed Organising Committee.

Lucy Jane Purrington Videos

Lucy Jane Purrington has put together a short video describing how and where 20 of her images were made.It is well worth a watch.

You can find this video here.

Mel Stallworthy LRPS 1925-2020

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Mel Stallworthy LRPS passed away in hospital on 2nd March 2020 aged 94. Mel and I started our AV careers around the same time in the early 1980s. Together with his wife, Margaret, he was to be seen at many AV events around the UK, such as the RPS National AV Championship and the RPS International AV Festival, as well as numerous AV Days.

Mel worked in the insurance business for many years and on retirement took up a career in wedding photography, setting up his own business which he called Cameo Photography. He also enjoyed teaching photography and for many years ran a part time photography class in the local arts centre, where he made many friends. Mel was very particular about his photography equipment and was nearly always seen with the latest Canon camera.

With Margaret, he regularly attended the AV courses held at Dyffryn House in the Vale of Glamorgan and Urchfont Manor in Wiltshire, run by Richard Tucker FRPS. Until Mel’s mobility became a problem a couple of years ago he never missed a South Wales RPS AV Group meeting and was always keen to participate in Member’s evenings. One memorable event was when Mel organised a day out for the Group on a minibus trip to the Severn Valley Railway, finishing up with a very sociable evening meal in Ross-on-Wye.

The AV Mel will be most remembered for, was a collaboration with Gwyn Morgans FRPS, which was called ‘Out of Sight Out of Mines’. The AV was a portrait of the miners and what it was like working underground in a private drift mine in South Wales. Mel toured the clubs regularly with his AV presentation called “Into The Dissolve”, was an active member of the RPS Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and a founder member of the Cardiff DIG. He was persuaded by Glenys Taylor to organise a very successful first RPS Digital Day in Cardiff which took place on 10th January 1998.

Mel leaves behind his wife of 74 years, Margaret, who was a professional florist. She is now very frail and is in a care home. After she retired Margaret continued flower arranging at home and Mel enjoyed taking many photographs of her arrangements.

There may be a memorial service some time in the future when circumstances allow. Mel will be sadly missed by all those that knew him, particularly in the South Wales AV and photography community.


Lyn James LRPS

It is with great sadness that we note the passing, suddenly, of Lyn James.  He had been a judge and presenter for WPF for several years.  Our condolences go to his friends and family.

Peter A Young – WPF President.

Les Loosemore – Zoom Presentations

We’ve received this from Les Loosemore:-

Like many Judges and Presenters, I have tried to accommodate club requests for Zoom evenings to try and maintain some continuity of events during the shutdown. Accordingly, I have now prepared (as well as actively creating more), a number of Zoom Presentations. A list of his presentations can be seen here.


David’s List of You Tube Videos

This from David Straker at Abergavenny… Thanks David!

In case anyone is kicking their heels, I’ve added a page on the Abergavenny website for interesting YouTube channels, including for general photography and editing.


For the uninitiated, channels contain multiple videos and are often the work of one person or team.

If you know of any other channels to add, do let me know.


Online Exhibition for Roy Carr

Roy Carr of Barry CC has an online exhibition of his ‘A Year in Their Life’ photographs starting at the Cynon Valley Museum on Saturday 30th May at 10 a.m. You can see it here.

Some of you will have seen the exhibition and already know that it is well worth a visit. It features photographs from Roy’s documentary project, A Year In Their Lives which tells the story of a farming year of three sheep farms in the Cynon Valley. It was first shown as a print exhibition in 2018. It attracted nearly 2,000 visitors.

Like many Museums, the Cynon Valley Museum is closed due to the current ‘lockdown’ to protect people from COVID 19. To maintain their presence in the community, they are currently showing a series of ‘online’ exhibitions.

One of the images from the exhibition can be seen below.



PAGB Recorded Lecture Service

Camera clubs and societies have made the decision to cancel their club meetings in an attempt to reduce the risk of infection of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). To support clubs and societies during this difficult time we have decided to relax the terms of business for the PAGB RLS and allow the distribution of recorded lectures to members within their respective club or society.

Clubs and societies are asked to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Clubs and societies may only distribute a PAGB lecture to their members providing they own a license for that lecture.
  2. Clubs and societies may only distribute a PAGB lecture to their members up until 31 May 2020.
  3. Clubs and societies are asked to ensure that all copies (including any links) are destroyed or removed on or before 31 May 2020.
  4. A club official must send an email informing the PAGB RLS Sec of the club or societies intention to distribute a lecture, prior to doing so giving details of said lecture.

Ed Cloutman on judging during Covid

I would be quite happy to judge an online inter-club competition if a club was prepared to organise it. 

I have done this remotely before and it takes the form of a PtoE file with voice-over, so it is just the same as a club night but you have to watch it at home on your PC or projector.  It is something you could watch with your family.

If anyone is interested please email me see the WPF website for contact details.

A Message from the PAGB President

Taken from the latest edition of PAGB e-news which you can read here.

In view of the current situation that we are all facing it would be remiss of me not to contribute to this issue of e-news concerning the outbreak of COVD 19 which is having a drastic effect upon all of us.

The PAGB is actively managing the situation regarding events that are planned for Federations, Clubs and Individual Photographers and has taken measures to protect us all. Our event organisers, and others in the photographic community, will keep participants and prospective audience members fully informed of the postponement or cancellation of events and any alternative arrangements that have been made.

As you are no doubt aware, many of our club members are in the high risk group of compromised individuals, me being one of those. I have seen that many clubs are suspending their programme for the remainder of the season and that Federations are also postponing events until further notice.

However, I also note some innovative resilience being demonstrated by many clubs who are setting up online competitions, talks, critiques and demonstrations on social media platforms to keep their members occupied during the period that emergency measures are applied. You can see many of these ideas on the Facebook page “UK Club Photography”, take a look and see what you may be able to manage for your own club.

This is a hobby that we all love and those who organise things for us all unpaid volunteers, currently under a great deal of pressure and doing their best to protect us and to minimise disruption to our activities. Please help them all you can and pull together to ensure that at the end of all of this we can all meet and compete again in, hopefully, the near future.

Stay safe.

President – PAGB

New Judge – Barbra Archdale-Smith

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just added Barbra Archdale-Smith ARPS AWPF of Barry to the supplementary list of Judges.