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September 2021
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COVID-19 and Government Advice

The WPF urges all clubs and members to follow Welsh Government advice.

The PAGB has issued guidance here.

We hope you all keep safe and healthy.

Updated List of Online Judges & Lecturers

List last updated 29th January, 2021.

Huge thanks to Susan Surridge, WPF Judges & Presenters Secretary who has taken considerable time and trouble to compile a list of WPF judges and lecturers who are prepared to do online judging or presenting during the current pandemic.

You can find the updated list here.

RPS International AV Festival Online


The RPS Audio Visual Group is pleased to have organised the 24th International Audio Visual Festival, which will be held over the weekend of 24th to 26th September 2021. The sessions will take place on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon.

Patronised by FIAP it is considered as the premier AV Festival. We have received 65 quality AVs from 12 countries, and they will all be shown over the Festival weekend. To see what treats are in store you can view the Festival Programme at programme-a4-rps-iavf-2021-pdf.pdf

Due to the ongoing limitations of the pandemic the Festival will be run using Zoom. Normally at a live Festival the AVs are shown on a 16ft wide x 9 ft high screen and with a top of the range projector and sound from a pair of speakers that retail for £17,500. As it is normally held in Cheltenham being in the audience to see the entries is limited to those that are able to attend the Festival. However, Zoom has opened the opportunity for people to watch the event from all around the world. I would be delighted if you are able to join us for part or all of the Festival. If you would like to attend and watch the AVs, you can purchase a ticket to obtain your Zoom code at a cost of only £3.00 for the whole weekend. The RPS Booking Portal can be found by clicking on the following link 24th International AV Festival 2021 (rps.org)

The majority of AVs are made entirely by one person who has had to master the full range of skills from photography, sound editing and mixing, script writing and production. A real achievement for one person when you compare that to all those involved in a television or film production. I hope you book to watch the AVs, a medium/artform that was started by the Magic Lanternists in the 18th Century. The Booking Portal closes on Wednesday 22nd September 2021, so please don’t leave booking your ticket until the last minute. 

Linda Gibbs will be “Anchor Woman” for the event, fronting the Festival over the 3 days.  We both look forward to seeing you, albeit virtually.

Edgar Gibbs FRPS MPAGB AV-AFIAP, Festival Director


2021 Masters of Print Open for Entry

Enter here: http://www.thepagb.org.uk/competitions/pagb-masters-of-print/

Not to be confused with the recently completed 2020 edition.

47th Smethwick International Open for Entries

The Smethwick International is back in its original format and they are accepting prints for this year’s exhibition.

There are six sections: Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Nature Prints, Colour PDI, Monochrome PDI and Nature PDI

Four entries are allowed in each section and there are around 180 Medals and Ribbons to be won.

Enter here. Online entry closes 5th November 2021.

Cardiff CC 125th Anniversary Exhibition

2021 Ace of Prints Results

Here are the results of the 2021 Ace of Prints – the Scoresheet gives a summary and the Overall Result the other has the entry forms which will show by Club – Title; Photographer and Scores. You will need tobe able to read an excel file for this.

The Club Result was: –

First:- Afan Nedd 178
Second:- Bridgend 172
Third:- Tenby 171
Fourth:- Baglan Bay 165
Fifth:- Gwent 164
Sixth:- Port Talbot 160
Seventh:- Swansea 159

It was a very close competition and congratulations go to Afan Nedd in first place and Bridgend in second who are invited to represent the WPF in the PAGB Event to be held at Smethwick on Sunday 24 October 2021.

Awards by the Judges jointly:-


Highly Commended Prints:-
EMERGING DRAGONFLY (On scoresheet as damselfly!) – ALUN THOMAS – BAGLAN BAY CC

My congratulations to each of those individual photographers that the Judges selected for recognition – well done!

My personal thanks must go to all the WPF Executive that helped today but particularly Del Jones & Susan Surridge who kept Zoom going and tried to explain to those viewing the issues they were experiencing – thanks Guys! Also to the invaluable Cliff Emery who as well as collecting and organising the hardware – got intimately involved in the software as well – couldn’t have done it without you Cliff!!

Now if you are sitting comforabley, I’ll tell you a story: We realised that for this first Print Event across Zoom – without PDIs – that Cliff and I needed to organise something extra. Working in his studio we decided to try Live View on the new WPF PC and set it up using Cliff’s Canon RF camera – installed Zoom, downloaded Canon Utilities connected and tested with Del & Susan’s help – went well! Coming to Talbot Green we realised that Cliff only had a short RF Lens – we would need a longer lens to be able to get back from the Judges. David Lewis volunteered his Canon 5D as he had longer lenses. Then found Canon Utilities had to be downloaded again to match the 5D – decided to use the other WPF PC – downloaded Zoom – then downloaded Canon Utilities – went to install – it asked for CD – This PC was Windows 8! Back to the new WPF PC – downloaded Canon Utilities again for the Canon 5D – installed and set up David’s camera on Live View – looked good! Then the tripod started slowly sinking!! Find the Gaffer Tape! Got it running again and we thought the Live View was good and started the competition! We were unaware that as Jenny was 20 feet off in one direction and Brian was 20 feet off in the other direction and we were relying on the New PC microphone but our Zoom audience couldn’t hear! So I started repeating the score & photographer – thinking that the scoresheet was easy to follow – all the first images per Club followed by all the second images per Club in the sequence on the sheet. If I had explained that it might have worked – but unfortunately I hadn’t!

The last 6 lines of explanation above were carried out by Cliff and the team starting 15 minutes before the Off and continued for 15 after – so that’s why there was a delay!

The god news is that we probably won’t have to do that again as we’ll all be there together in the future – we all hope! If we do we’ll utilise microphones. So sorry if we spoiled your morning – but I am sure that the prints you saw were of the highest quality and I’m sure that our 2 winning Clubs will do us proud at Smethwick against the other 35 PAGB Clubs. Wish them well!

If you have any comments – send them to me!

Roy Thomas

2021 Welsh International – Now closed for entries

The 43rd Welsh International Salon of Photography is now closed for entries.

Patronage has been afforded by FIAP, GPU, PAGB and PSA.  There are 6 sections and at least 156 awards to be won.  The excellent catalogue has achieved a 4/5 rating from FIAP.

The rules can be seen here.

Here you can see the latest entries status.

Peter Young – Welsh International Chairman

Summer Freedom Competition Results

The results of this Competition as judged by Leo Rich are: –

1st – In the Light – Glenn Porter – Gwynfa (see below)
2nd – Free as a Bird – Neville Thomas – Afan Nedd
3rd – Ice Cream Treat – Tina Conyard – Carmarthen
HC – Freedom from COVID – Jo Ashburner – Afan Nedd
HC – A Time to Dream – Paul Branchflower – Afan Nedd

Afan Nedd doing particularly well!

I must say that just listening to Leo’s appreciation of the pictures without wondering what the scores were was particularly refreshing and his comments were kind and on point.

Thanks for your support – much appreciated!

Roy Thomas

FIAP Colour Biennial Results 2021

The results of the 29th FIAP Biennial are in. Thank you so much to those of you who sent me images so I could enter on behalf of the WPF.

The 29th Colour Print Biennial was won by PAGB. The WPF finished 13th from 36 countries.

The 29th Colour Projected Biennial was won by Russia with PAGB 22nd and the WPF 24th from 36 countries.

The two themes we chose were ‘Olympic Sports’ and ‘Light in the Landscape’. I am thrilled to say that Glen Porter of Gwynfa CC received a Silver medal in the sport section (prints). Congratulations Glen, a great achievement in a worldwide event. Here are the results.

Overall Results – Colour Projected

Overall Results – Colour Print

Results Light in the Landscape 1

Results Light in the Landscape 2

Results Olympic Sports

I was a little disappointed with our Landscape results, as I thought they deserved more but that’s the way it goes. I’ll be looking for some Mono images later in the year when we have decided on our two themes.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who sent me images. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to enter. Well done each and every one of you.

Jenny Hibbert (WPF President).

Photography & Video Show back at the NEC

Photography & Video Show is back at the NEC in Birmingham between 18 and 21 September for the 7th edition.

Registrations are now being taken. Full details here.

Afan Nedd New Print Battle

We’ve received this from Gareth Martin…

Afan Nedd CC are putting on a new print battle for October 2022 covid allowing. No date or rules confirmed yet. I know you all have to go to your committees but its a lot easier if you say yes and then if you have to drop out later then no problem. We are looking at 4 prints  the rules will come out as soon as they are confirmed.

I’ve been advertising it on Facebook and so far there are thirty five interested clubs as of July 4th so if you want your club taking part let me know asap.

G Martin AWPF, CPAGB, Chairman/Programme Sec, Afan Nedd CC

APM Bulletin 31

The following is from Rod Wheelans MPAGB Hon.PAGB MFIAP FIPF

These Bulletins are addressed to different groups and you may not see every one. Some, who are on more than one list, may receive more than one copy. This is probably the first seen by entrants to the November 2021 Adjudication to be hosted by the WCPF.

27/28 NOVEMBER 2021
We are stll planning that this Adjudication, hosted by the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF), will be a “physical” event, open to an audience. Of course, we do not know what may happen with the Pandemic or if any restrictions will be in place.
Currently there are 25 Credit Prints, 38 Credit PDI, 17 Distinction Prints and 10 Distinction PDI applications and we are still able to accept candidates at all three levels. We are confident that all availabl;e places will be taken.

We are running an Awards Workshop to be hosted by the WCPF on Sunday 11 July 2021 and you are cordially invited to observe.
Please note that this is a WCPF Workshop and only their members may submit work or ask questions.
You will still learn much of advantage and your Federation may take up our offer of a Workshop for themselves.
PAGB APM Team – Rod Wheelans, Libby Smith and Gordon Jenkins.10.50 Welcome and introduction by WCPF.

11.00 – 12.15. PAGB Presentation including looking at a selection of images in the passing range at each level.
12.15 – 12.30 Q&A if required.
13.00 – 15.00 approx. Advising on previously submitted WCPF potential entries for CPAGB and DPAGB.

You do not need to register in advance. Just login on Zoom between 10.30 and 10.45.
Meeting ID: 872 2834 1507 Passcode: 811371

PSA News

Congratulations to PSA member Neville Thomas who has just gained the EPSA award. This requires a minimum of 700 acceptance in PSA recognised salons.  Well done Nev.

I have had success in the Vidin spring Circuit in Bulgaria with 13 acceptances,  a Salon Gold, Salon Bronze and two HM’s.

The rewards are there but you do need to enter in the first place.

Ian Ledgard – PSA Membership Director, Wales

Barry Camera Club – The Barrian Cup 2022

As we are all too aware, recent events have meant that our activities have been curtailed somewhat.  For Barry Camera Club it has meant that our much loved event, The Barrian Cup, has had to be postponed for the last two years.  

We just wanted to give you notice that we will be planning to hold this event again in 2022 when hopefully all restrictions will have been lifted and we can enjoy meeting up with all our favourite clubs who make this such an excellent and memorable event.  

We will post further information out again at the beginning of 2022, so until then stay safe and enjoy this amazing weather.

Pat Hollis
Competition Secretary
Barry Camera Club

Maesycwmmer Exhibition

Two PSA Salons

We’ve received this from Ian Ledgard, our PSA representative.

The Photographic Society of America is holding two International Salons later this year. they are open to all photographers not just PSA members, though I hope the latter will put up a good entry from Wales.

PSA International Circuit – Two Judgings. Eight sections to choose from. Closing date July 6th.

PSA Small Print Exhibition – A rare opportunity to enter prints. Eight sections to choose from. Closing date August 20th.

More details for both can be found at here or from Ian Ledgard Email: iledgard004@gmail.com