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January 2021
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Clubs – A-C

If there are any changes to your club listing, please send them to the WPF Membership Officer, Dave Condon (membership@thewpf.co.uk) with a copy to Leigh Woolford (leigh.woolford@btinternet.com)



Aberdare Camera Club   

 Website: www.aberdarecameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: St Fagans Community Hall, Windsor Street, Trecynon, Aberdare CF44 8LL

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 7.30 pm Members: 20

Secretary: Huw Edwards 07973 131645                aberdarecameraclub2020@gmail.com

Chairperson: Les Davies  07821 964340                  lesdav29@gmail.com

Treasurer: Huw Edwards 07973 131645                  aberdarecameraclub2020@gmail.com

Competition Secretary: Huw Edwards 07973 131645 aberdarecameraclub2020@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Huw Edwards 07973 131645 aberdarecameraclub2020@gmail.com

updated  22/01/2021


Abergavenny Camera Club   

Website: www.abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

Meeting Place: St Michael’s Centre, 10a Pen Y Pound, Abergavenny, Mon. NP7 5UD

Meeting Day & Time: Allternate Mondays at 7.30 pm            Members: 26

Secretary: Julie Morgan                               accsecretary@abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

Chairperson: Julie Morgan                                 accchair@abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

Treasurer: Reg Roberts                                    acctreasurer@abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

Competition Secretary: John Farthing          acccompsec@abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

Programme Secretary: David Straker            accprogsec@abergavennycameraclub.org.uk

updated 22/01/2021


Abertawe Photographic Society   

 Website: www.abertawephoto.org.uk

Meeting Place: Dyfatty Community Centre, Chapel Street, Swansea SA1 1NB

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.00 pm                          Members: 12

Secretary: Mike Evans      01792 416768             abertawephotographicsociety@thewpf.co.uk

Chairman: Howard Thomas                                    abertawephotographicsociety@thewpf.co.uk

Treasurer: Laurence Morrissey                              abertawephotographicsociety@thewpf.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Mike Evans                        abertawephotographicsociety@thewpf.co.uk

Programme Secretary: Mike Evans 01792 416768 abertawephotographicsociety@thewpf.co.uk

updated 20/1/2021


Aberystwyth Camera Club   

 Website:  www.aberystwythcameraclub.org.uk

Meeting Place: Penrhyncoch Village Hall, Penrhyncoch SY23 3EH

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.00 pm                           Members: 12

Secretary: Cole Whitelaw                                      cw@cole.vc

Chairman: Neil McGuff    07598 236327             neilmcguff@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer: Clive Tonkins   01570 422872           ctonkins@btinternet.com

Competition Secretary: Mark Williams               mark@canody.com

Programme Secretary: Clive Tonkins                 ctonkins@btinternet.com

updated 22/01/2021


Afan Nedd Camera Club   

 Website: https://www.afannedd.com

Meeting Place: St Theordores Church Hall, 17 Talbot Rd, Port Talbot, SA13 1LE.

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm                 Members: 37

Secretary: Dave Brown          07973 334272            dave.brown19@virginmedia.com

Chairperson: Gareth Martin   07731 656866          cortez34@virginmedia.com

Treasurer: Heather Roper                                            

Competition Secretary: Gareth Martin 07731 656866 cortez34@virginmedia.com

Programme Secretary: Gareth Martin 07731 656866 cortez34@virginmedia.com

updated 20/1/2021


Ar Agor Photographic Club   

Website: www.aragor.tirhir.com

Meeting Place: Calfaria Chapel, Heol Gerrig, Merthyr Tydfil

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 6.30 pm             Members: 27

Secretary: Bryan Taylor     07972 863575                                              brictaylor@aol.com

Chairman: Adrian Hill          07929 234819                                          da.hill@btinternet.com

Treasurer: John Davies         07800 538082                            john.davies242@btinternet.com

Competition Secretary:  Brian Taylor  07972 863575            brictaylor@aol.com

Programme Secretary: John Carter Evans 07763 844176 john.carterevans@btopenworld.com

updated 20/1/2021


Baglan Bay Photographic Society

Website: www.baglanbayphotographicsociety.co.uk

Meeting Place: Sandfields Presbyterian Church Hall, Western Avenue, Port Talbot SA12 7LS

Meeting Day & Time : Alternate Tuesdays : 7.30 pm                                 Members : 27

Secretary: Susan Surridge 07917 566944                                    bbpsclubsec@gmail.com

Chairman: John Surridge     078310221804                                  jpsurridge@gmail.com

Treasurer: David M Isaac      07958 343502                                 david.m.isaac@ntlworld.com

Competition Secretary: Susan Surridge  07917 566944             bbspclubsec@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Susan Surridge  07917 566944              bbspclubsec@gmail.com

Updated 22/01/2021


Bargoed Camera Club   

Website: http://www.bargoedcameraclub.com

Meeting Place: Bargoed Community Centre, Heol Pencarreg, Bargoed CF81 8QD. (Near Heolddu Leisure Centre).

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.00 pm Members: 22

Secretary: Gail Franklin 07882 402789 gail60@hotmail.co.uk

Chairman: Alan Packham 07899 976027 alanpackhamp57@gmail.com

Treasurer: Alun Maddox 07885 056959 alunmaddox@btinternet.com

Competition Secretary: David Stephens 01495 223921 davidpstephens@supanet.com

Programme Secretary: tbc tbc tbc

Awaiting data 31/1/2020


Barry Camera Club   

 Website: www.barrycameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: St Francis Millennium Centre, Park Road, Barry CF62 6NX

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.00 pm Members: 31

Secretary: Catherine Charlton-Whitaker barrycameraclub.secretary@gmail.com

Chairman: Roy Carr       roycarr6@gmail.com

Treasurer: Robert Jones 07516 442004    bobjones50@me.com

Competition Secretary: Patricia Hollis 07901 510493 barrycameraclub.compsec@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Philippa Evans       barrycameraclub.progsec@gmail.com

Updates 31/1/2020

Blaenavon Camera Club   


Meeting Place: Blaenavon Senior Citizens Hall, Park Street, Blaenavon, Torfaen

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.00 pm Members: 20

Secretary: F Young   01873 881086  fredyoung111@btinternet.com

Chairman: Alan Parry 01495 792040 alan.g.parry@talktalk.net

Treasurer: Paul Philpot 01495 791807 p.philpot@yahoo.co.uk

Competition Secretary: not given not given not given

Programme Secretary: not given not given not given

Updated 31/1/2020

Bridgend & District Camera Club   

 Website: www.bridgendcameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Parish of Coity, Nolton and Brackla Office, Merthyr Mawr Road, Bridgend CF31 3NH

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 7.00 pm Members: 50

Secretary: Brian Coleman   07886 472132   briphil49@btinternet.com

Chairman: Jenny Hibbert    07842 821511   jenny-hibbert@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer: John Finch  07870 703338    john@finchmail.force9.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Colin Simper    07704 825101   colin.simper@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Paul James      pjames21@aol.com

Uodated 31/1/2020

Builth Wells Photographic Club   

 Website: www.builthphotographic.co.uk

Meeting Place: Cilmery Village Hall, Cefn Llewelyn, Cilmery, Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3FL

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 7.00 pm Members: 18

Secretary: Ian Baxter-Wild    01982 553903    ian.bw@zen.co.uk

Chairman: Bob Walls    07375 051834    robert.walls288@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer: Hayley Pearson    01982 552958   ppplasteringlimited@gmail.com

Competition Secretary: Clive Brown   07884 111162  cbrown3@btinternet.com

Programme Secretary: Tilly Steed   07717 003177   tillysteed@btinternet.com

Updated 31/1/2020

Caerphilly Camera Club   

 Website: www.caerphillycameraclub.org.uk

Meeting Place: Twyn Community Centre, The Twyn, Caerphilly. CF83 1JL

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 7.30 pm                                Members: 25

Secretary: Melvin O’Brien  02920 891624                        melvinobrien@hotmail.com

Chairman: Geraint Phillips   02920 885196                           geraintphillips@aol.com

Treasurer: John W Tidy FCCA AWPF  02920 866525        johntidy33@talktalk.net

Competition Secretary: Cliff Woodhead                                  cliffwoodhead@sky.com

Programme Secretary: Melvin O’Brien   02920 891624    melvinobrien@hotmail.com

Updated 20/1/2021

Caldicot Camera Club   

 Website: www.caldicotcameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Guide Hut, King George Playing Fields, Caldicot, Mon. NP26

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm                           Members: 18

Secretary: Carolyn Valentine                                              nylorac@live.co.uk

Chairman: Bryan McCormick 07798 841912                     bryanhmccormick@gmail.com

Treasurer: Katherine Cooper                                                winnie071076@hotmail.com

Competition Secretary: 

Programme Secretary: 

Updated 22/01/2021

Cardiff Camera Club   

 Website: www.cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Rumney Partnership Hub, Llanstephan Road, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 3JA

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm                           Members: 26

Secretary: Stephen Willcocks 07909 513011              secretary@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Chairman: Dean Pine 07816 497761                               president@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Treasurer: Tim Stephens  07794 520981                       treasurer@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Competition Secretary:                                                       compsec@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Programme Secretary: Trevor Waller 02920 615007 prog.secretary@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk

Updated 20/1/2021

Cardigan Photo Club   

 Website: www.cardiganphotoclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Stable Rooms, Cardigan Castle, Cardigan SA43 1JA

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm                                   Members: 10

Secretary: Colin Osborne 01239 615369                                     gwbert@yahoo.com

Chairman: Colin Osborne 01239 615369                                       gwbert@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Robert Lees 01236 614035                                           boblees221@yahoo.com

Competition Secretary: Tommy Evans 01239612640               tommy@tommye.plus.com

Programme Secretary: Anne Jones     

Updated 22/01/2021

Carmarthen Photographic Society   

 Website: www.carmarthenphotographicsociety.co.uk

Meeting Place: Bro Myrddin Indoor Bowls Centre, Carmarthen SA31 3BT

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm Members: 27

Secretary: Jeff Fugler 07511 034032 Jefffugler999@gmail.com

Chairman: Sue Porter 078866 603456 Sp0flo2@gmail.com

Treasurer: Alan Harris, 07702 505567, aejh@mac.com

Competition Secretary: John Starzewski  01267 241085  j.starzewski@btinternet.com

Programme Secretary: Nicola George, 01599 740004,  nicolageorge01@btinternet.com

Updated 31/1/2020

Cwmbran Photographic Society   

 Website: www.cwmbranphotosoc.org.uk

Meeting Place: Cwmbran Community Centre, Ventnor Road, Cwmbran NP44 2NA

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm            Members: 22

Secretary: Nigel Goode      07917 284961                 nigelgoode@gmail.com

Chairman: Bryan Pilot         07939 287211                  bryan.pilot@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Bea Von Der Haar 07837 953167          bea.von.der.haar@hotmail.com

Competition Secretary: Dave Bennett  07963 937772  benvendetta54@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Peter Young 01495 291074  peterayoung@outlook.com

Updated 20/1/2021

Cymru Monochrome   

 Website: www.cymrumonochrome.com

Meeting Place: Tyn y Twr Tavern, St Illtyd’s Drive, Baglan, Port Talbot SA12 8AU

Meeting Day & Time: 3rd Monday of the Month at 7.30 pm         Members: 21

Secretary: Jill Young             01495 291074                             jillyy@btinternet.com

Chairman: Gareth Martin       01639 790041                   cortez34@virginmedia.com

Treasurer: Peter A Young LRPS,CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB 01495 291074 peterayoung@outlook.com

Competition Secretary: Susan Surridge  07917 566944   susansurridge26@googlemail.com

Programme Secretary: Gareth Martin    01639 790041       cortez34@virginmedia.com

Updated 20/1/2021