Upcoming Events

The Stanley Chell Competition

Date: November 23, 2019

Time: 13:00 - 17:00

Location: Aberdare Camera Club

The 2020 Photography Show

Start date: March 15, 2020

End date: March 17, 2020


November 2019
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Clubs – D-O

If there are any changes to your club listing, please send them to the WPF Membership Officer, Dave Condon (membership@thewpf.co.uk) with a copy to Leigh Woolford (leigh@coform.com)


Ebbw Vale Camera Club  


Website: www.ebbwvalecameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Ebbw Vale LAC, James Street, Ebbw Vale, Gwent. NP23 6JG

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.00 pm Members: 16

Secretary: Hilary Swallow 07922 882515 hilary.swallow@gmail.com

Chairman: Ann Yates 07443 420249 ann.malcolm@tiscali.com

Treasurer: Ian Knight 01495 247776 iancknight@btopenworld.com

Competition Secretary: not given not given not given

Programme Secretary: not given not given not given

Gwent Photographic Society  


Website: www.gwentphotographic.com

Meeting Place: Rivermead Centre, Fuscia Way, Afon Village, Rogerstone NP10 9LZ

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.00 pm Members: 31

Secretary: Teresa Davies 07971 964191 gwentphotographic@gmail.com

Chairman: Dave Brassey not given dave.brassey@ntlworld.com

Treasurer: Roger Trawford not given gul.dukat@btopenworld.com

Competition Secretary: Position Vacant not given not given

Programme Secretary: Andy Davies not given andy@rpmmusic.co.uk

Gwynfa Camera Club  


Website: www.gwynfa.org.uk

Meeting Place: Caerlan Hall, Newbridge Road, Llantrisant CF72 8EX

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30pm Members: 103

Secretary: Gary Were ARPS 01446 201948 garywere@ffotosolutions.com

Chairman: Neil West 01443 201948 nwest@talktalk.net

Treasurer: Heidi Stewart AWPF 01443 206856 heidistewart@talktalk.net

Competition Secretary: Leigh Woolford Hon. FWPF, AWPF, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*  07800 878782  leigh@coform.com

Programme Secretary: Leigh Woolford Hon. FWPF, AWPF, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3* 07800 878782 leigh@coform.com

Hay Camera Club  


Website: www.haycameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: The Masonic Hall, 19 Brecon Road, Hay on Wye, Hereford HR3 5DY

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.30 pm Members: 29

Secretary: Carol Longman  01981 550162  calongman@icloud.com

Chairman: Peter Seaman  01874 676225  peter.seaman@btinternet.com

Vice Chair: Colin Lawrence  01981 550069  colin.les.lawrence@gmail.com

Treasurer: Angela Bonner  07511 760833  angelabonner@outlook.com

Competition Secretary: Angela Bonner 07511 760833 angelabonner@outlook.com

Programme Secretary: Christine Starnes 01981 550589 cedeestarnes@outlook.com

ISO Photography Group  



Meeting Place: Unit 9, Oldfields Road, Bocam Park, Pencoed CF35 5LJ

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.00 pm Members: 6

Secretary: Jenny Hibbert 07842 821511 jenny-hibbert@hotmail.co.uk

Chairman: Alan Stokes 07585 004676 alanstokes7@btinternet.com

Treasurer: David Pearce 07950 910522 david.pearce998@sky.com

Competition Secretary: Jayne Libby 07936 581937 jaynelibby1@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Jayne Libby 07936 581937 jaynelibby1@gmail.com

Kidwelly Camera Club  


Website: www.kidwellycameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: Princess Gwenllian Centre, Hillfield Villas, Kidwelly, Carms SA17 4UL

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.00 pm Members: 26

Secretary: Peter Simson 07526 415706 petersimson55@gmail.com

Chairman: Brian Rees 01554 890603 brian.rees3@btinternet.com

Treasurer: Peter Weijers 01267 267653 peter.weijers@mypostoffice.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Cliff Price 07974 255 678 cliff.price@icloud.com

Programme Secretary: Roger Howen 01269 871811 rogerhowen@talktalk.net

Llanelli Photographic Society  


Website: www.llanelliphoto.co.uk

Meeting Place: Dafen Welfare Hall, Bryngwyn Road, Dafen Park, Llanelli. SA14 8LW

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm Members: 30

Secretary: Ian Thomson 07427 159238 ianthomsonpersonal@gmail.com

Chairman: John Ellis 01554 756429 jrellis@talktalk.net

Treasurer: Arthur Mallett 07972 623136 arthur.mallett@talktalk.net

Competition Secretary: Ronnie Dallavalle 07971 234232 ronniewales@hotmail.com

Programme Secretary: not given not given not given

Merthyr Tydfil Camera Club  


Website: www.mtcc.org.uk

Meeting Place: Cefn Coed Community Centre, Old Drill Hall Road, Cefn Coed, Merthyr Tydfil. CF48 2NA

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.30 pm Members: 10

Secretary: Temporary: Norman Cahill 01495 309447 mapleofficeservices@talktalk.net

Chairman: Roger Hawkins  07884 104948 hawk72217@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer: Norman Cahill 01495 309447 mapleofficeservices@talktalk.net

Competition Secretary: TBA

Programme Secretary: Alan Kirby 01685 382018 fredrickkirby@talktalk.net

Monmouth Photographic Club  


Website: www.monmouthphoto.co.uk

Meeting Place: Mitchel Troy Village Hall, Mitchel Troy, Monmouth, NP25 4HZ

Meeting Day & Time: Friday 1st and 3rd weeks at 7.30 pm Members: 24

Secretary: Jackie Poulter jackie.poulter@hotmail.com

Chairman: Christopher Morris not given morriscj@sky.com

Treasurer: Alison Stace not given not given

Competition Secretary: Keith Sharples not given sharplkei@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Iain McCallum 01600 719486 ism69@btinternet.com

Morriston Camera Club  


Website: www.morristoncameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: The Crypt, St David Church, Woodfield Street, Morriston, Swansea. SA6 8AS

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.00 pm Members: 67

Secretary: Brian Howell 07964 558383 secretary@morristoncameraclub.co.uk

Chairman: Kevin Walters 01792 844167 vicechair@morristoncameraclub.co.uk

Treasurer: Pat Loughman 01792 534397 treasurer@morristoncameraclub.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Richard Walters 07847 841181 compsecretary@morristoncamereaclub.co.uk

Programme Secretary: John Pearson 07962 779861 johnpea@tiscali.co.uk

Neath & District Photographic Society  


Website: www.neathphotographicsociety.org

Meeting Place: The Camera Club, Bridge Street, Neath. SA11 1RP

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.30 pm Members: 38

Secretary: Roy Thomas 01639 644757 roy17@btinternet.com

Chairman: David L Edwards 07711 137797 dl.edwards0@btinternet.com

Treasurer: David L Edwards 07711 137797 dl.edwards0@btinternet.com

Competition Secretary: Denice Evans 07772 730637 damoswizard@aol.com

Programme Secretary: Steven Rees 07419 839889 srrees@hotmail.com

New Quay Camera Club  


Website: www.newquaycc.org

Meeting Place: Memorial Hall, Uplands Square, New Quay, Ceredigion SA45 9QQ

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday 1st and 3rd week at 7.30 pm Members: 23

Secretary: Morlais Davies 01545 560788 morlais.davies@btopenworld.com

Chairman: Margaret Jones 01545 661216 cwmtawelmm@gmail.com

Treasurer: Sonia Scharneck 01545 561276 soniascharneck@hotmail.com

Competition Secretary: Arnold Phipps-Jones 01570 471422 newq.comp@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Margaret Jones 01545 561216 cwmtawelmm@gmail.com

Newport Photographic Club  


Website: www.newportphotographicclub.org

Meeting Place: Langstone Village Hall, Old Chepstow Road, Langstone, Newport, NP18 2ND

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.30 pm Members: 19

Secretary: Danny Davis 07541 217031 dannydavis100@hotmail.com

Chairman: Paul Hubbard not given paulthegas@sky.com

Treasurer: David D Jones 07952 184064 ddjones100@ntlworld.com

Competition Secretary: Kevin Doyle not given spycranes@ntlworld.com

Programme Secretary: Kevin Parker 07811 520421 kevin4p@gmail.com