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April 2021
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42nd Welsh International Salon of Photography 2020

The exhibition has been posted on this website.  Congratulations to all successful entrants, especially those from the WPF area.

The catalogue can be found here.

The photographs can be seen as follows:

  • Open Colour Acceptances and Awards here
  • Open Monochrome Acceptances and Awards here
  • Nature Acceptances and Awards here
  • PhotoJournalism Acceptances and Awards here
  • PhotoTravel Acceptances and Awards here
  • Scapes Acceptances and Awards here
  • All Awards here

The printed catalogues and awards will be posted by 14 November 2020

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – Welsh International Chairman

Zoom licence available to WPF clubs

I’m pleased to announce that the WPF has purchased a Zoom Pro licence which it is making available to clubs from 6-Jul-20.  It enables a meeting of up to 100 people for 24 hours which one of the WPF Executive will host (but almost certainly not for 24 hours).  This will enable clubs, who have not yet put their toe in the waters of online meetings, to have a go and it will permit meetings of more people, without time constraints, compared with the free version of Zoom.  There will be no charge for this service.

If you wish to take advantage of this, please send an email to wpfconf@gmail.com with “WPF ZOOM SESSION – CLUB & DATE” in the subject line/box.  The email must specify the Date, Time and Duration of the requested meeting, together with Liaison contact’s name, email and phone number.  We will reply by email and, if the license can be made available for that occasion, will confirm details and discuss any training or testing that may be necessary or useful.

The WPF Exec will be learning about this new initiative as we go and will announce any modifications as we find them necessary.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – WPF President


2020 Welsh Salon of Photography

Congratulations to everyone who had an acceptance in the 2020 Welsh Salon of Photography (not to be confused with the Welsh International Salon, see below).

Also huge thanks to Cliff Emery and his team who had quite a challenge on their hands this year, especially with judging the prints. After being delayed since early lockdown, they finally managed to get it done. Well done to everyone involved in the organisation and selection. Well done also for getting the results out so quickly.

The awards and full acceptance lists can be seen below.

All Awards                         Mono Prints

Colour Prints                      PDI

All the accepted photographs can be seen here:

Colour Prints                    Mono Prints                    PDIs

Bernard Brown FRPS AWPF

Bernard Brown FRPS AWPF passed away peacefully on 16 November. Many will remember him as an avid photographer. He could be a bit abrasive at times (he told me to write that) but a good friend to those who took the time to really get to know him. His main interest was stereo photography and he gained his FRPS with it. However he was never afraid to embrace new ideas being an early adopter of digital photography. In his later years took up infrared photography both ‘straight’ and in stereo.

I will miss his straight, no nonsense critiques of my work.

His funeral will be family only.

Guy Butler-Madden.

Cwm Rhondda Battle Results

Last weekend’s Cwm Rhondda Battle was contested by 25 clubs from all over the UK and Ireland.

You can view the judging on YouTube and it will be available for the next month. The scoresheet is here.

Results below.

First was Catchlight CC (Belfast) with 78 points.
Second was Gwynfa CC with 73 points.
Third was Rhondda CC with 71 points.

The trophy for Best Monochrome was awarded to “About the Boy” by Laurie Campbell of Catchlight.
The trophy for Best Colour was awarded to “Social Isolation” by Gwynfryn Jones of Gwynfa.

WPF 2020 Virtual Conference Videos

In response to a number of requests that we provide an “iPlayer/Catchup” facility for members who were unable to attend, here are videos of the Presentations made by our Speakers on the Conference Weekend.

Bernard Geraghty

“In the Dark”

“Light and Motion”

“The 500 Rule”

Ross McKelvey

“An Eclectic Mix”

“Tips & Tricks in Photoshop”

“Imperfect Circles”

Sharon Prenton Jones

“The Pursuit of Portraiture”

“The Making of Legends”

Barry Barker

“Where the Inspiration takes Me”

“Fine Art Inspirations”

“Something Utterly Surreal”

“Ghoti**One (animation)”

David Delme Jones – WPF Convention Officer – 12-Oct-20

John Harvey

We’ve received this sad news from Roy Carr of Barry Camera Club.

It is with great regret that I announce the death of John Harvey, who passed away on Wednesday 30th September, aged 92.

John had been ill for some time, though he remained active and always underplayed his condition being the private man that he was.

He was the oldest member of Barry Camera Club and had contributed much to the Club, including a spell as Chairman for 10 consecutive years. John was always an active participant in competitions, and took particular delight in producing prints, often making work which defied photographic norms as he expressed his particular creativity. He was quick to make the transition from film (his first love) to digital and embraced the new technology and what it could offer.

An important part of John’s character was his generosity. He was always one to encourage others and offer advice where it was requested, particularly to newcomers who were making their way. John had immense experience and creativity from which he could draw and was happy to put this to work for Club Members.

Of course, John was also well known beyond the Club both as a Presenter and a Judge. His gentle, thoughtful voice and manner made him a great communicator, backed by a wealth of photographic knowledge and images. He was a member of the Royal Photographic Society and gaining their Associate of The Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) distinction

His loss will be felt deeply by Barry Camera Club and many more besides. May he rest in peace.

Trevor Clayton

We’ve received this sad news from Gwynfa Camera Club.

We’ve been informed that our former member, Trevor Clayton, passed away on Wednesday 23rd September. Trevor had been a member of Gwynfa for over 30 years. 

He had been diagnosed with acute leukaemia about a year ago and was very much himself right up until the end. He died very peacefully, and at home.

Our thoughts are with his daughter Helena and her family.

PAGB APM Online!

We have received the following information from the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit team who have introduced an online advisory service.

Following the success of our informal online advisory service, the PAGB Executive Committee has agreed that it should be established on a permanent basis administered by David Smith. Thanks to the generosity of our volunteer advisers, we now have sufficient advisers on the list to advise at each level of award.

We envisage that each Advisee will receive up to two online sessions. We will leave it up to each Adviser how they give this advice although we suggest that the best method is for each Advisee to send PDIs of their images, 1600px on the horizontal side, to the Adviser, followed up with a telephone conversation with both looking at the images on their own monitor. Each Advisee can request another session once they have undertaken any work suggested on the images, or if they want to bring forward new images.

Those intending to submit in prints may be able to send their prints, or a selection of their prints, to the Adviser to comment. These prints to be returned at the Advisee’s expense and prior agreement with the Adviser.

The system is now ready to receive applications. If you would like advice at CPAGB, DPAGB or MPAGB, go here.

It would be helpful to know in the “extra information” box if you have already applied for an award or if this is a “toe in the water” to ascertain the suitability of your images.

This is a new project, so please be patient as we get it started.

PAGB Guidance – Recording of Online Lectures.

This is an edited version of a document which can be downloaded from the PAGB Website library here. It is an advisory document and does not set out a policy for anyone to follow. It is intended only as guidelines for Clubs to construct their own policy.

Events in 2020 have led to the widespread introduction of on-line meetings. Meetings may be of photographic events, online lectures or judging or may be administrative. This guidance also applies where physical meetings may be recorded by video.

Before recording a meeting the organiser must consider both Copyright and Data protection and Speaker’s Copyright.

Today, in the fast expanding “Zoom-Age”, it has become very easy to record a lecture given remotely but Clubs should be aware that both a judging and a lecture are copyright performances by the speaker.

The copyright issue is not new and this piece was published in PAGB e-news, Issue 42, March 2011.

As the copyright owner, the speaker not only has the right to refuse recording of the event but also has complete control over all terms and conditions of a licence under which the Club might be permitted to use any recording. Apart from anything else, the speaker could charge a fee for a licence.

A meeting must not be recorded by a Club except with the express prior permission of the speaker, including an agreement on the use of any recording.

Photographer’s Copyright – In a competition or exhibition where the images are viewed by the judge in advance, then the judge must delete any stored images after the event. In a competition or exhibition where the images are viewed by the judge in advance, then the judge must delete any stored images after the event.

Data Protection – Clubs must already have a data protection policy (or privacy notice) which covers the personal data which they collect and the reasons for doing so. Clubs must also ensure that they comply with the practices set out in their policy.

The PAGB has published separate guidance about writing a data protection policy.

Recording a meeting either by video or by using the record feature in an on-line meeting system is likely to collect personal data not envisaged in a pre-existing data protection policy. For example, images of the participants, audio of their contributions and, for an on-line meeting, their computer account identity.

It would be possible to adapt a pre-existing data protection policy to cover the extra data collected by a recording. However, it would be open to anyone to decline to take part in a recorded meeting under those conditions. Clubs should consider whether making recordings will limit participation by all members.

Not recording an on-line meeting should mean that no personal data is retained, and that there will be no obvious data protection issues.

It is getting fashionable in some areas for clubs to photograph a lecturer’s prints so as to project them for the benefit of the audience. There are also clubs who ask to video lectures and demonstrations. It has been suggested to your editor that some clubs may have distributed and even sold CDs of such recordings to members of other clubs. I have only second party anecdotal reports and no hard evidence of such a practice, but I would be very annoyed if it happened to me and I am going to be rather more vigilant in the future. I highly recommend that every lecturer and judge should seek assurance from the club that any digital copies of their images will be deleted as soon as the event ends.

Baglan Bay Online Exhibition

Baglan Bay PS have launched an online exhibition. You can see it here.

Smethwick Salon Open for Entries

The 46th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography is now open for entry. The entry deadline is November 5th.

This year due to the covid-19 pandemic the exhibition will be PROJECTED IMAGE ONLY. Our Prints sections will of course return in the future once it is safe and logistically possible to do so.

6 Sections: Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature, Creative, Scapes and Travel.

Around 200 Medals and Ribbons to be won.

Full details here.

Success for Dennis

Congratulations to Dennis Russ who recently won both a Gold Medal and The Raymond Walter Trophy for best in show in the RPS Digital Image Group Competition 2020. His images are shown below. A wonderful achievement.


PSA Success for Neville Thomas

Congratulations are in order for PSA member Neville Thomas whose participation in the recent Taiwan Photo Circuit gained him 9 acceptances.

Pixels 2020 Cancelled

We’ve heard from Gwynfa CC that they’ve decided to cancel their Pixels 2020 event. They remain committed to this being a live event with great hospitality and can see no way of fulfilling that in 2020.


I am pleased to confirm that the WPF executive committee voted today to go ahead with the award of AWPF, subject to government restrictions. The assessment day is still planned for 1st November, but we are unable to arrange a workshop prior to this date, because of the present virus conditions. We may have to change the venue and restrict the audience, or possibly no audience at all, depending on the government rules at the time.

Our application system is still open and filling up nicely, at the moment we have only 10 places available as of Sunday 14th June, what tomorrow’s post will bring I do not know, but the application is on a “first come first served” basis, as normal.

Our Judges will be sat at safe distances, and the event should proceed as normal. So prints are still acceptable so are DPIs, as before.

The timescale is still the same, application closes on 21st September or when we reach our limit of 25 applications. All panels must be received by 12th October. Please download the application form and send it to me ASAP.

Any questions please email or ring me. Details on the website.

David Lewis