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May 2021
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Adrian Webster

We’ve received this sad news from Vince Penticost at Western Valley CC.

It is with great sorrow that I inform you that Adrian Webster a long serving member and stalwart of Western Valley Camera Club has passed away suddenly.

He will be very sorely missed by all in our club and by his many friends in photography and elsewhere.

PAGB APM Online Advisory Service – Briefing 20 March 2021

When the Advisory Service was set up on a permanent basis a briefing session was promised for all the Volunteer Advisors.  David Smith, Administrator for the Online Advisory Service has advised that Rod Wheelans will present such a briefing session by Zoom on Saturday 20 March 2021.

Because of the enthusiastic response, there will be two sessions:  from 10.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 16.00.  The sessions will not last two hours but David is putting two hours into the Zoom booking so that there will be plenty of time for questions or discussion after Rod’s presentation.

If you would like to attend either session can you please let David know so that he has an indication of the numbers.  Please contact David on:  berenty@sky.com

Daphne Hanson (PAGB Awards Secretary)

Applying for FIAP distinctions under the new regulations

The new FIAP rules coming into effect in 2022 are posted separately.  The FIAP Liaison Officer of the WPF has had a request from a member of an English club as to whether they could beat the deadline by sending their application through a Welsh club.

There is an agreement between the Irish Photographic Federation, the Scottish Photographic Federation, the WPF and the PAGB, which are all separate countries within FIAP, that none of those countries will process applications from photographers living outside its borders.

There may be exceptions where club members live close to the border between two of those countries.

Ed Cloutman (FIAP Liaison Officer for the WPF) 11th February 2021

Changes postponed. See post above.

2020 Masters of Print – Entry Deadline Extended

The 2020 Masters of Print is now open for entries. This year there cannot be a physical exhibition, but it still have the same prestige, the same high standards, the same distinctive badge and, best of all, a fabulous ‘coffee table’ catalogue for every entrant. Full details here.

Since we will not be mounting or framing the accepted prints, there will be less constraint on size and format. In fact, any shape or size you like on A3 or 12”x16” paper!

More in the latest edition of PAGB E-News.

GB Cup & GB Trophy Changes

To read about significant changes to the judging of the GB Cup and GB Trophy, please read the latest edition of PAGB E-News.

Major Changes to FIAP distinction rules for 2022

There are major changes coming in 2022 with FIAP distinction rules.  I will be updating all the information in due course.  Read the information on our website news carefully if you are doing EFIAP Levels. 

If you are going for your EFIAP, then I advise you to try and get it this year while the old rules apply.  This means getting your finished dossier to me by the end of August to ensure FIAP have the Salon files.  You do not require any prints this year due to Covid. 

The official closing date this year is 10th October 2021, but due to Covid some of the Salon files may not have reached FIAP and therefore any acceptances you have for these salons will not count.

Ed Cloutman (FIAP Liaison Officer)

Changes postponed. See post above.


Everyone in the WPF is very sad to hear of the passing of our good friend John Long DPAGB ARPS HonPAGB.

A long standing member of Bristol’s Kingswood PS, John was known for his friendly, unassuming manner and was well known and much respected throughout the Welsh photographic community.

You can read numerous tributes to John in this edition of PAGB e-News.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Online PAGB APM Results

The first PAGB APM online adjudication ran very smoothly, thanks mainly to a lot of hard work by Adrian Lines and Libby Smith. We were determined that we should view the entries at maximum quality and, although we used Zoom for communication, the images worked directly from our website so that we saw them exactly as they were uploaded by the entrant. Our thanks also to the Adjudicators who complied with our technical requirements for remote viewing and who worked hard throughout the day.

Judging on a large monitor at close range is obviously not the same as viewing on a 8’ screen some distance away. Some faults, such as over sharpening, were much more obvious on a monitor, whilst other issues were less obvious than they would be if projected. As a result, some images which had been used in previous submissions scored worse or better than might have been anticipated. This is an unfortunate disadvantage of the different method of viewing but, on this occasion, our Review Team looked at every image submitted, and I am happy to still be able to claim that no-one failed who should have passed. It is of course possible that some failed or passed with a lower total than they might have expected.

You can find more information and lots of images in this edition of PAGB E-news.

Rod Wheelans MPAGB. Chairman of the Awards for Photographic Merit

Covid 19 Memorial Trophy Results

Please find attached the various reports of the Covid 19 Memorial Trophy competition which were judged this afternoon by Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP who did a great job!

Congratulations go to Bridgend & District CC for winning the mono event and Baglan Bay PS for winning the colour event – well done! Also, congratulations to those who won the individual awards (see below).

Colour Trophy

  1. Baglan Bay (78 points)
  2. Gwynfa (77 points)
  3. RPC (76 points)

Best colour image: “Look mean boys, he’s got a camera..” by Carl Jones, RPC

Mono Trophy

  1. Bridgend (77 points)
  2. Gwynfa (75 points)
  3. Cardiff, Gwent, RPC & Tenby & (all on 73 points)

Best mono image: “In Reflective Thought” by David Hopes of Bridgend & District CC

All scoresheets below:

Covid 19 Memorial Colour Trophy Results
Covid 19 Memorial Colour Trophy (Spreadsheet)
Covid 19 Memorial Colour Trophy Results Detail

Covid-19 Memorial Mono Trophy Results
Covid-19 Memorial Mono Trophy (Spreadsheet)
Covid-19 Memorial Mono Trophy Results Detail

Updated List of Online Judges & Lecturers

List last updated 29th January, 2021.

Huge thanks to Susan Surridge, WPF Judges & Presenters Secretary who has taken considerable time and trouble to compile a list of WPF judges and lecturers who are prepared to do online judging or presenting during the current pandemic.

You can find the updated list here.

2020 Christmas Competition

This competition was the concept of Ed Cloutman about 6 weeks ago.  It was held on 9 January 2021 by Zoom with over 90 people having booked to watch the proceedings.  117 club members had entered 1 photograph each, being the best they had made or, in some cases, their favourite.

The judges, Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/d3, Paul Keene FRPS MPAGB EFIAP/d3 MFIAP and Roger Parry ARPS MPAGB HonPAGB EFIAP EsFIAP did a super job of scoring each photograph from 2 to 5.  They then selected 5 awards from the 18 that had scored the maximum of 15.  The results are shown on the scoresheet here.

Congratulations go to:

First Place  – Cuckoo Robin Confrontation by Charlie Kidd DPAGB EFIAP BPE1, Tenby Camera Club

Second  Place – The Orphanage by Dave Bolton, Tenby CC

Colin Harrison’s Award – Not a Good day for Umbrellas by Gwynfryn Jones EFIAP DPAGB, Gwynfa CC

Roger Parry’s Award – Love is .. by Gill Perkins, Hay Camera Club

Paul Keene’s Award – Coyote on Thin Ice by Linda Cowen, Neath & DPS

As well as the three judges, our thanks go to Ed Cloutman EFIAP HonFWPF for conceiving the idea, Del Jones, Sue Surridge and John Surridge who were the Zoom team and Roy Thomas APAGB HonFWPF who mirrored the scoring in case of connection problems.

After the competition ended, several people expressed, either verbally or by email, their appreciation of our efforts.


WPF President


PSA Member Successes

The turn of the year brought good news to two PSA members in South Wales who gained recognition for their acceptances in PSA recognised Salons.

Mike Bray who became a member less than two years ago has achieved the  PPSA award. This requires a total of at least 228 acceptances. Well done Mike.

Gary Shinner  has  extended his previous level of recognition with the award of MPSA2.  The requirement for this award is 2250 acceptances and Gary is the first in Wales to gain this. Great work Gary.

There are many other photographers in WPF clubs who are participating in International Salons with PSA recognition.  How about making a New Year’s resolution to join PSA and seek further recognition for your work?  During 2021 PSA are offering 5 year membership to new or renewing members.  For further information please contact me and I will be plased to offer assistance.

Ian Ledgard, GMPSA

PSA Membership Director, Wales


AWPF Roll of Honour 2020

On 5th December 2020 we were able to hold the 2020 AWPF distinctions day event under closely controlled conditions. Those candidates that achieved the high standard the award demands, are listed below.

1.      Ian Blake Beyond Group Abstract Architecture of the internal roof of the Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport
2.      Bethan Daniel Kidwelly C.C Butterflies and other insects
3.      Peter Benson  Beyond Group Urban Nightscapes
4.      Ralph Pinch Deeside P.S. Agony & Ecstasy
5.      Paul Smith Beyond Group Wildlife-Birds of Europe
6.      Tom Dodd Blaenau Ffestiniog Mountains of Snowdon in Winter
7.      Lin Wyles Hay Camera Club British Wildlife
8.      Robert Prenton Jones Conwy C.C. The Love of Chocolate
9.      Stephen Lewis Hoylake P.S. Fleeting, Treasures, Rare Moments with Snowdonia Landscape
10.  Peter Wyles Hay Camera Club Costa Rican Wildlife
11.  Marcia Mellor Beyond Group Pets
12.  Chris Netton Beyond Group Delicate Strength
13.  Barbie Lindsay Beyond Group My Indian Takeaway
14.  Rusty Lindsay Beyond Group Urban Connections
15.  Mark Frisby Bleadon P.S.  I Believe in Mermaids

The Judges were.
1. Gary Shinner, (Chairman) LRPS, EFIAP/b, EPSA, AWPF, BPSA.
2. Jenny Hibbert, MPAGB. AWPF. EFIAP/s
3. Brian Coleman, AWPF. AFIAP, Hon FWPF
5. Ed Cloutman. EFIAP.

The day was made possible because of the help given by many dedicated people and I would like to thank them all, in particular. The expertise of our Judges for their detailed critique, and fairness in their assessment, maintaining the high standard of photography needed to gain the prestigious award of AWPF. Our grateful thanks to our President Peter Young for opening the proceedings, Guy Butler-Madden for suppling the display stands, and packing the prints away after assessment. Chris Powell for supplying his superb panel, as an example panel of excellence in at the start. Martin Nagle for transporting the equipment to and from the stores in Bridgend, Ron Lines, Paul James for helping to load the prints on the stand, Paul also wrote the Risk Assessment and provided all the safety equipment, and much more, and our Zoom Team, Del Jones & Susan Surridge. Thank you all.

The standard was very high this year and those less successful candidates, all of which were so close to gaining the award, are recommended to address the constructive comments made by the judges and apply again next year.

David Lewis
AWPF Distinctions Secretary

Early 2021 WPF Competitions

With the current and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and with no clear idea of how quickly the world may change next year we have to address our competitions over the next 3 or 4 months. Below you will find our thoughts regarding these. We would like to have your consideration regarding whether you will take part in the replacement events that we are proposing below.

  1. Memorial Trophies Day – This in our calendar is scheduled to take place on the 17th January 2021 with your entries needing to be with us on the 10th January 2021. Because this is an attended event and involves 3 competitions, 4 PDIs, 4 Colour Prints and 4 Mono Prints being judged live by an invited Judge, it cannot run under the current regulations. Rather than cancel we are suggesting that we run a Virtual Competition for a new trophy comprising 4 Colour PDIs and 4 Mono PDIs – We obviously need an early response. So please could you contact me as below to advise if you are prepared to take part in such a Competition.
  1. Ace of Clubs Day – This in our Calendar is scheduled to take place on the 21st February 2021 with your entries needing to be with us on the 17th January 2021. This also is an attended event being judged by 3 Judges, with each Club putting 8 PDIs into Round 1; then having witnessed the Judges response selecting a further 8 new PDIs for Round 2 and then moving on to either the Plate or Final Round where the Club will need to select up to 20 PDIs. This usually comprises large audiences moving around dealing with their members and chatting about the outcomes so well outside any COVID_19 rules. Rather than cancel this event we are suggesting that we could run a Virtual Competition based on 30 PDIs with the normal restrictions regarding numbers of members and nature prints – with no on the day selections or changes – a simple battle. So please could you contact me as below to advise if you are prepared to take part in such a Competition.
  1. Welsh Salon of Photography – This in our calendar has a closing date of 7th March 2021, when our AGM is scheduled to happen. We believe that this event can still happen as the judging is done typically with only a small handful of helpers and 3 judges – so as with 2020 we are happy this can go ahead with proper precautions. Expect to see details from the Salon Chairman Cliff Emery soon.
  1. Ace of Prints – This in our calendar is scheduled to take place on the 18th July 2021 with the closing date being 27th June 2021. We will not make any decision on this event until April 2021 when we can see how the situation has changed regarding the epidemic.
  1. Summary
  1. We are cancelling the Memorial Trophies Day and offering a Virtual 4 Colour PDI and 4 Mono PDI Competition – we need your feedback as to whether you will take part.
  2. We are cancelling the Ace of Clubs Competition and offering a virtual 30 PDI Competition – we need you feedback as to whether you will take part.
  3. We are currently planning on still running the Welsh Salon of Photography – look forward to a message from the Chairman Cliff Emery soon.
  4. We are holding any decision regarding the Ace of Prints Competition until April 2021 – and hope that the world will be more normal then.

Thank you for reading these notes and please advise me soonest as to your likely participation in the replacement events.

Roy Thomas – CELO   Roy17@btinternet.com    01639 644757 / 07880 710908

Peter Ekin Wood

Newport Photographic Club sadly report the passing of Past President and Honorary Member Peter Ekin Wood.

For many years he worked as a professional Photo-journalist before taking up an Editorial appointment with the Newport Argus newspaper. One of his last talks was to Cymru Mono in 2019 when he brought some of the brutally heavy tools of the trade from his camera collection together with a selection of B&W images from his time interviewing and photographing the celebrities of the entertainment sector.

His extensive library of portraits included “Professor” Jimmy Edwards, Phil Silvers (Sergeant Bilko), Petula Clark, Peter Sellars, Norman Wisdom, Tommy Trinder, Frankie Howerd, Rod Hull & Emu, Tommy Cooper, Ronnie Corbett and Richard Attenborough, to name but a few.

Peter was an active member of NPC and a supporter of the WPF; competing and giving talks until his retirement to the Gower. We shall miss his wry view and insights into the world of commercial (news) photography – our thoughts go out to his family.

PSA Exhibition Judging

Gary Shinner, MPSA, BPSA , Brian Coleman, and myself were invited to be part of a three person Welsh jury in the four circuit TajMahal exhibition organised in India, reprising our efforts in 2019. So may we have seen your entries?

There were five sections, Colour, Monochrome, Nature, Photo Travel and Photo Journalism. In total some 3000 entries which we judged on line before selecting the awards during a Zoom meeting. 

The online process allowed us more time to assess the images than is usual when there is a gathered jury where you have a few brief seconds to award your mark. It also allowed you to review and amend your marks after each section.  After our Zoom session that we felt we arrived at a very balanced set of awards with a varied range of subject matter

We did however comment on the fact that some entrants had clearly not read the rules carefully. We found a few images in the monochrome section that were wholly or partially coloured. Some had clearly not taken on board the rules about staged images in PT and PJ.  Some excellent images in PT were clearly staged but had they been in the colour or mono sections would have been contenders for awards.

So Exhibition entrants do take note and try not to fall into these pitfalls. Always read the rules so that your images have the best chance of success.

Good luck with your entries.

Ian Ledgard GMPSA / PSA Membership Director, Wales