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Clubs P-Z

This list has not been updated since 12th April 2022.

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Pembrey & Burry Port Photographic Society 

Website: www.pembrey-burryport-ps.co.uk

Meeting Place: Hermon Chapel, Waun Deri, Pembrey. SA16 0LF

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.30 pm                                       Members: 6

Secretary: Vacant please use Chair details                                          secretary@pembrey-burryport-ps.co.uk

Chairman: Jeff Burt   07974 001049                                                      chairman@pembrey-burryport-ps.co.uk

Treasurer: Kevin Rothwell 07929 318843                                            treasurer@pembrey-burryport-ps.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Paul Bridgland 07506 787890                     paul@pembrey-burryport-ps.co.uk

Programme Secretary: tbc

Updated 16/03/2022  dwc


Phoenix Camera Club 


Meeting Place: St John’s Church Hall, Bailey Street, Ton Pentre, Rhondda CF41 7EN

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.15 pm                                          Members: 13

Secretary: Mrs Carolyn Edmunds 01443 683059                     carolyn.edmunds@yahoo.co.uk

Chairman: Mr Michael Berry 01443 732062                                  mikegberry1@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Mrs Norma Wilco x 01443 438660                                normawilcox@hotmail.com

Competition Secretary: Mr Tony Smith 07787 398614                 cunningplan@btinternet.com

Programme Secretary: Mr Michael Berry 01443 732062              mikegberry1@hotmail.com

Updated 16/03/2022  dwc




Pontypridd Camera Club 

Website: www.pontypriddcameraclub.uk

Meeting Place: St Catherine’s Church Upper Conference Room, Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd CF37 2BS

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesdays except 3rd in month at 6:30pm Members: 15

Secretary: Joanne Elesmore                                                       pontypriddcameraclub@thewpf.co.uk

Chairman: Tony Ll Hilliard           07496 913322                     pontypriddcameraclub@thewpf.co.uk

Treasurer:                                                                                         pontypriddcameraclub@thewpf.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Stephen Nelms                                      pontypriddcameraclub@thewpf.co.uk

Programme Secretary:

Updated 16/03/2022    dwc


Port Talbot Camera Club 

 Website: none

Meeting Place: Mozart Drive Community Centre, Port Talbot SA12 7UA

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm                                 Members: 21

Secretary: Rhodri Phillips       

Chairman: Russell Symmons    07917 548820               rsymmons@gmail.com

Treasurer: Doug Cumpstone 

Competition Secretary: Peter Thomas 07891 986521 peter.mthomas@virginmedia.com

Programme Secretary: Andrew Joseph 

Updated 16/03/2022       dwc


Pyle & Porthcawl Photographic Society 

 Website: www.pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Meeting Place: St Clare’s School, Hawthorn Place, Newton, Porthcawl. CF36 5AS

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm                                  Members: 29

Secretary:                                                                             secretary@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Chairman: Ken Needs                      01656 659863          chairman@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Treasurer: Martyn Derbyshire      07904 045879           treasurer@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Geoff Baker 01639 851050   compsec@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Programme Secretary:                                                       progsec@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Social Secretary: Peter Yule                                              socsec@pyle-porthcawl-ps.co.uk

Updated 16/03/2022


Rhiwbina Camera Club 

 Website: https://www.rhiwbinacameraclub.org/

Meeting Place: Canolfan Beulah, Pantbach Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff CF14 6LT

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.30 pm                                                                                Members: 12

Secretary: Frank Herrity                07954 371 832                                                              f.herrity@ntlworld.com

Chairman: Gareth Oakey              07886 611038                                                             oakey1979@gmail.com

Treasurer: Anwen Howells              01314 601196                                                          anwenhowells@hotmail.com

Competition Secretary : Ben Ward                                                                                  ben.ward.cdf@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Peter Crabb 02920 617743                                                      peterwcrabb@gmail.com

Updated 16/03/2022        dwc


Rhondda Camera Club  

Website: https://rhonddacc.weebly.com

Meeting Place: Dai Davies Community Centre, Heol Eurwen Davies, Porth CF39 9AZ

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.30 pm                                         Members: 23

Secretary: Mal Durbin   mal.durbin@gmail.com

Chairman: Mark Owen   ChairmanRCC@gmail.com

Vice Chairman: Brian Merry   VicechairmanRCC@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dawn Latcham   dawn.latcham@sky.com

Programme Secretary: David Lewis   ProgrammeSecRCC@gmail.com

Competitions Secretary: David Norton   davidnorton1953@gmail.com

Webmaster Les O’Mahony   lesomahony2007@yahoo.co.uk

updated 16/03/2022     dwc



 Website: www.rpc-camera-club.weebly.com

Meeting Place: Cambridge Lodge N U M Social Club, Llwynypia Road, Tonypandy, CF40 2ES.

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.30 pm Members: 24

Secretary: Marie Ward   tabbybono@gmail.com or rhonddaphotographyclub@gmail.com

Chairman: Martin Minty martin.minty@btinternet.com

Treasurer: Dave Hopkins  dave.hopkins44@outlook.com

Competition Secretary: Emma Woodhouse ewoodhouse45@gmail.com

Programme Secretary: Shannon Minty shannonlouise.gmail.com

Updated 16/03/2022    dwc


Sirhowy Valley Photography Club 

Website: www.sirhowyvalleypc.weebly.com

Meeting Place: St John’s Ambulance Hall, Llanarth Road, Pontllanfraith, NP12 2LN

Meeting Day & Time: Wednesday at 7.00 pm                                                Members: 9

Secretary: Stephen Hancock 07940 905547                  stephen.hancock5@btopenworld.com

Chairman: Charmaine Collier

Treasurer: Hilary Swallow       

Competition Secretary:    Hilary Swallow

Programme Secretary:    Hilary Swallow

Updated 16/03/2022       dwc


Swansea Camera Club 

 Website: www.swanseacameraclub.co.uk

Meeting Place: lecture theatre, Trinity Saint Davids, Pell Street Swansea

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 6.45 pm                                         Members: 34

Secretary: Annette Linton 07710 940128                                         amlinton36@gmail.com

Chairman: David Ashman 01792 203382                                             davidjanetefa@outlook.com

Treasurer: Dave Condon 01792 466159                                                condonvivid@btinternet.ccom

Competition Secretary: Jason Chapman 07985 427834                  photochappie@live.com

Programme Secretary: tbc

Updated 13/03/2022       dwc


Talbot Green Photographic Club 

 Website: (page on facebook)

Meeting Place: Talbot Green Pavilion, Lanelay Road, Pontyclun, CF72 8HY

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.00 pm                                             Members: 6

Secretary: John Hawkins 07837 338827                                              hawkinsjohn1@sky.com

Chairman: Graham Hare 07791 803750                                                  graham.hare@btinternet.com

Treasurer: Trefor Williams 07980 775906                                             trefofholiday@yahoo.co.uk

Competition Secretary: 

Programme Secretary: 

Updated 22

Updated 13/03/2022      dwc


Tenby & District Camera Club 

 Website: www.tenbyanddistrictcameraclub.org

Meeting Place: Village Hall, Fiddlers Lane, St Florence, Tenby, Pembs. SA70 8BA

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm                                           Members: 65

Secretary: John Whitehurst  01437 454293                                      john_whitehurst_54@msn.com

Chairman: Dave Lewis 01834 810277                                                   lewis.lewis@gmx.com

Treasurer: Robert Lineker 01646 603938                                            rj.lineker@gmail.com

Competition Secretary: Charles Kidd 07493 706056                        charlie1708@btinternet.com

Programme Secretary: Ali Rees  07815 851945                                  alirees30@gmail.com

Updated 16/03/2022   dwc


Towy Valley Camera Club 

Website: www.towyvalleycameraclub.org.uk

Meeting Place: The Reading Room, Cwmifor, Manordeilo, Llandeilo SA19 7AW

Meeting Day & Time: 2nd Monday of each month 7:30pm.                                                  Members: 13

Secretary: Cliff Price 

Chairman: Ian Ledgard EFIAP/g, GMPSA, GPU-Cr4, AWPF

Treasurer: Jane Evans 

Competition Secretary: Martin Smith AWPF

Programme Secretary: Mary Pipkin  ARPS, AWPF

updated  16/03/2022  dwc


Tredegar Camera Club

Website: www.tredegarcameraclub.com

Meeting Place: Bedwellty Park Bowls Club, 2 Lower Salisbury St, Tredegar, NP22 3PT

Meeting Day & Time: Every Wednesday at 7.30 pm                                 Members: 17

Secretary:   Martin Jenkins   07479 280782   tredegarcameraclub@gmail.com

Chairman:   Jeff Barnsley   07495 494141   tredegarcameraclub@gmail.com

Vice Chair:   Gemma Sandy   07596 003479   tredegarcameraclub@gmail.com

Treasurer/Website:   Helen Silver   07932 794511   tredegarcameraclub@gmail.com

Competition Secretary:   Richard Stokes   07407 722410   tredegarcameraclub@gmail.com

Updated    09/03/2022


Trostre & Felindre Camera Club 

Website: www.trostrecc.wix.com/trostre

Meeting Place: Tata Tinplate works, Trostre, Llanelli SA14 9SD

Meeting Day & Time: Monday at 7.30 pm                              Members: 8

Secretary: Hilary Cooper 01792 551728                               hcandkc@ntlworld.com

Chairman: Des Daughton 01554 752038                                despaul99@gmail.com

Treasurer: Peter Evans 01554 833602                                     pevans3836@aol.com

Competition Secretary: 

Programme Secretary: Hilary Cooper 01792 551728             hcandkc@ntlworld.com

Updated 16/03/2022    dwc


Vale Photographic Club 

 Website: www.vale-photographic-club.co.uk

Meeting Place: Ystradowen Village Hall, Ystradowen, Cowbridge. Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7SY

Meeting Day & Time: Friday at 7.30 pm                                                                           Members: 36

Secretary: Wendy Walker                                                             secretary@vale-photographic-club.co.uk

Chairman: Terry Verrinder                                                             chairman@vale-photographic-club.co.uk

Treasurer: Nick Thornton                                                             treasurer@vale-photographic-club.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Geoff Poole                                             excompsec@vale-photographic-club.co.uk 

Programme Secretary:   Suzanne McIntosh                                 programmesec@vale-photographic-club.co.uk

Updated 16/03/2022   dwc


Western Valley Camera Club 

Website: www.westernvalley.co.uk

Meeting Place: Cross Keys RFC, Pandy Park, Woodward Avenue, Cross Keys NP11 7BS

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday at 7.30 pm                                                                      Members: 20

Secretary: Chris Meaker                 07730 686034                                                        secretary@westernvalley.co.uk

Chairman: Ron Lines                          07778 192377                                                       chairman@westernvalley.co.uk

Treasurer: Steve Hawker                  07779 095419                                                          treasurer@westernvalley.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Chris Meaker 07730 686034                                                   competitionsecretary@westernvalley.co.uk

Programme Secretary: Vince Penticost 01495 271581                                                   programmesecretary@westernvalley.co.uk

Updated 16/03/2022       dwc


Whitchurch (Cardiff) Camera Club 

Website: www.whitchurchcardiffcameraclub.com

Meeting Place: Whitchurch Community Centre, Old Church Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1AD

Meeting Day & Time: Tuesday at 7.00 pm                                                                Members: 17

Secretary: Jackie Fanthom          02920 618383                                                   jfanthomwcc@gmail.com

Chairman: Phil Whitcombe            07971 439435                                                   p.d.whitcombe@gmail.com

Treasurer: Nigel Brown                  07876 163548                                                    nigel_brown54@hotmail.co.uk

Competition Secretary: Stephen Pillar 07426 843927                                         steve.pillar@sky.com

Programme Secretary:

Updated 16/03/2022