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June 2024

The PAGB Judges List

There have been a couple of queries as to what is required to become a PAGB judge.  The first thing to decide is do you want to travel and judge in England and possibly further afield.  Much of the judging in England is carried out ‘on-the-night’.

Here are main points taken from the PAGB website:

  1. Persons nominated should have experience of judging at a higher level than club Monthly competitions. It is also desirable that nominees should be active exhibitors and visitors to exhibitions, so ensuring that they are conversant with the current standard and quality of photography, i.e. while distinctions are not essential, the candidate is unlikely to be put forward if he/she has not shown that their work has been accepted in International Salons.
  2. Candidates who feel that they meet the above criteria can submit a request, together with a CV, to their own Federation. They may submit directly to the PAGB but the submission will be referred back to the appropriate member of their Federation (see note 5 below).
  3. The nomination should be in writing and should be accompanied by the names and addresses of three persons to whom reference may made for further details about the candidate. Non UK referees are not acceptable. Don’t try to save time by sending three citations with the nomination. This invariably causes delay.
  4. The Judges Committees enquiries may extend beyond the original referees, e.g. other judge with whom the candidate has served and exhibition chairman.
  5. Anyone may make a nomination. It need not be someone from the same federation as the candidate, but where a nomination is not submitted through a Federation the Judges sub- committee will make the PAGB Executive Member for the Federation aware of the nomination and invite submission of any information that may assist consideration of the nomination.

The link to the PAGB Guidelines is here

Ed Cloutman (WPF Judges and Presenters Secretary).

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