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February 2024

PAGB additional rule

This rule is applicable to ALL PAGB competitions

"Photographers who are members of more than one club, in different Federations, may only support, with their Prints and Slides, one nominated Federation of their choice in all PAGB Competitions in any one calendar year."

Any photographer in the above situation must make his or her decision, and advise the PAGB Competitions Administrative Officer, Jane Black, in writing by the 31st January each year, which Club and Federation they intend to support with their work, and send a copy of their letter to the relevant Federation Secretary.

PAGB Distinctions –  read the amendment here or download PDF below…..

With regards to PAGB Distinctions, the following amendment has been made to the conditions of entry:-
In the event of an Applicant wishing to withdraw from an Adjudication they will be offered the following alternatives:-
Please note…Withdrawal of Entry
If an Applicant has reason to withdrawal from an adjudication they will be offered the following alternatives:-
1.  a refund of their fee less a £10.00 Administration charge and the Applicant may not enter again for 12 months.   OR
2.  subject to a space being available, and payment of any balance due( if the entry fees are increased in the interim), their application will be transferred to the next Adjudication plus one.  If the applicant accepts this route and subsequently withdraws a second time their total fee will be forfeited.
Down load The PDF here