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June 2024

PAGB Ex – Big Pit Security

The Exhibition covers the period Monday October 21st to Sunday 17th November.

Date Morning   Afternoon  
  1000 – 1300   1300 – 1630  
  Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4
Week 1
21-Oct  R Thomas  R Thomas  Andy Baker  Andy Baker
22-Oct  P Huddleston  John Fry  P Huddleston  John Fry
23-Oct  Jen Cox  Fred Davies  Jen Cox  F Davies
24-Oct  P Wood  P Saxon  P Wood  P Saxon
25-Oct  Rob Owens  C Owens  L Woolford  Roy Thomas
26-Oct  J Paskin  D Paskin  J Paskin  D Paskin
27-Oct  G Butler-Madden    G Butler-Madden  
Week 2        
28-Oct  J Cawley  E Cloutman  J Cawley  E Cloutman
29-Oct  P Wood  P Saxon  A Shepherd  V Shepherd
30-Oct  Jen Cox  Fred Davies  Jen Cox  Fred Davies
31-Oct  R Crahart  T Mort  R Crahart  T Mort
01-Nov  P Wood  P Saxon  P Wood  Roy Thomas
02-Nov  Tom Dee  Nicola Dee  J Fisher  T Fisher
03-Nov  G Butler-Madden  J Cawley  G Butler-Madden  J Cawley
Week 3        
04-Nov  G Harbour  Andy Baker  G Harbour  Andy Baker
05-Nov  M Eley  B Isaac  M Eley  B Isaac
06-Nov  D Baker  P Huddleston  David Baker P Huddleston 
07-Nov  I Ledgard  M Ledgard  I Ledgard  M Ledgard
08-Nov  C Carsley  T Gameson  C Carsley  T Gameson
09-Nov  Tony Wilkins  Alan Coles  Tony Wilkins  Alan Coles
10-Nov  Tony Wilkins  Alan Coles  Tony Wilkins  Alan Coles
Week 4        
11-Nov  D Norton  B Merry  D Norton  B Merry
12-Nov  A Shepherd  V Shepherd  A Shepherd  V Shepherd
13-Nov  D Baker  P Huddleston  David Baker  P Huddleston
14-Nov  R Crahart  T Mort  R Crahart  T Mort
15-Nov  V Chambers  I Grindulis  V Chambers  I Grindulis
16-Nov  L Woolford  S Saunders  L Woolford  S Saunders
17-Nov  G Butler-Madden    G Butler-Madden  

Andy Baker - phone 01443 202577 or atbaker1@googlemail.com
Roy Thomas
Please email Andy to advise your availability.
There should be two members on duty at all times
There should be at least one member in the Exhibition space at all times.
Where two members cover a full day please arrange meal breaks to suit.
Where members are covering half days please take lunch outside your allocated time.
Refreshment and comfort breaks to be arranged to suit.
Free parking will be available for volunteers.