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June 2024

PAGB APM Online!

We have received the following information from the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit team who have introduced an online advisory service.

Following the success of our informal online advisory service, the PAGB Executive Committee has agreed that it should be established on a permanent basis administered by David Smith. Thanks to the generosity of our volunteer advisers, we now have sufficient advisers on the list to advise at each level of award.

We envisage that each Advisee will receive up to two online sessions. We will leave it up to each Adviser how they give this advice although we suggest that the best method is for each Advisee to send PDIs of their images, 1600px on the horizontal side, to the Adviser, followed up with a telephone conversation with both looking at the images on their own monitor. Each Advisee can request another session once they have undertaken any work suggested on the images, or if they want to bring forward new images.

Those intending to submit in prints may be able to send their prints, or a selection of their prints, to the Adviser to comment. These prints to be returned at the Advisee’s expense and prior agreement with the Adviser.

The system is now ready to receive applications. If you would like advice at CPAGB, DPAGB or MPAGB, go here.

It would be helpful to know in the “extra information” box if you have already applied for an award or if this is a “toe in the water” to ascertain the suitability of your images.

This is a new project, so please be patient as we get it started.

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