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Changes to the W.P.F. Website – January 2010

Over recent weeks we have been working to make this website easier to navigate. This has resulted in some tweaks and changes which we hope you will find useful. Here is a short summary.

The Left Sidebar

Upcoming Events – Here we have expanded the number of Calendar Events that are visible on the home page. Just click on any event to see full information.

The Calendar – This has been moved over from the right sidebar so we have the two calendar formats together. Click on any date to see what events are happening on that day.

Find a Recent Post – This has been expanded so you can see the headings of recent posts including those that may have dropped off the front page.

News Archives – This is in the form of a drop-down menu that enables you to select any given month and see all the posts that were written in that month.

Search for a Post – Allows you to type in a keyword in order to find a specific item. The results appear in a small drop down menu and you can select the result you wish to see.

The Right Sidebar

Main Pages – This has not changed and is a quick link to the main fixed pages on the site. (Note, ‘Pages’ are fixed whereas ‘posts’ are news items that are added to the site as and when necessary. The latest ‘posts’ are visible on the front page).

News Categories – Possibly the most useful change, this is an index of the subjects of the posts that appear on site. We have also revamped the category headings to (hopefully) make them simpler to follow. Click on any subject (for example ‘Exhibitions’) to see a summary of all the posts that have been included in that category. (Then click on the title of the post to view it in full). Note, many posts are indexed into more than one category. For example, the recent news about FIAP distinctions can be found under ‘Distinctions – FIAP’ and ‘Organisations – FIAP’.

News Feeds – Below the two rolling photo galleries is a new section of news feeds from popular photography websites. At present we are using DP Review and EPhotoZine. Click on a link to go to that news item. Note, this navigates you away from the WPF site and we are not responsible for content published elsewhere.

Photo Galleries

In various positions on the two sidebars we have included rolling galleries of photographs from WPF members and/or events. It is our intention to regularly change the galleries selected. At the time of writing we are showing some successful AWPF panels.

Thats all the information (for now). Watch the new category ‘WPF – Website’ for further updates. Meanwhile, if you have anything that you would like to be included on the WPF website, please let us know. We can’t guarantee that it will be included but we’ll do our best. Items should be sent to Leigh Woolford leigh.woolford@gwynfa.org.uk