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June 2024

AWPF Guidelines for Applicants

AWPF – Guidelines for Applicants
The rules to be considered by applicants for the Welsh Photographic Federation Distinctions are specified on a separate page.

These additional notes are for guidance on details. The formal rules take precedence at all times.

Each application will be assessed as a complete Print Panel /or Digital Sequence and not as individual pieces of work, and should consist of the following: –

A set of monochrome prints/digital images
A set of colour prints/ digital images
A mixture of monochrome and colour prints/ digital images

N.B. – No submission may contain a combination of prints and digital images.

It will normally be to the applicant’s advantage if his/her panel has a central single theme. However, two or three separate themes can sometimes work well together – twelve totally different subjects are unlikely to succeed.
The assessors will of course be looking for a high, consistent technical standard, coupled with the ability of the applicant to communicate his/her feelings and intentions. The individual way in which the photographer interprets and displays his/her chosen subjects will be recognised and commended, provided it is positive and consistent.
If the treatment given by the applicant indicates a pictorial content, then it will be assessed as a pictorial panel whatever the subject. However, if the work shows the approach of the photographer to be of a record style illustrating factual information rather than creating an emotional response, then the panel will be assessed as pure record photography. The lack of any pictorial quality will in no way be to the applicant’s disadvantage. Presentation of the work submitted will be taken into consideration.

A print may be of any size on its mount within the overall maximum acceptable size – the actual choice of mount should complement and not distract from the print. A panel of prints mounted in a similar manner gives a good impression from the start and it is advisable to arrange the prints to give as balanced and satisfying an arrangement as possible. Remember that the work will be assessed as a panel and not as individual pictures.

Projected images are assessed as a Print Panel. But have to be viewed individually, Therefore, The Hanging Panel should be the first image shown, followed be the twelve individual images, then the last image is a copy of the hanging plan again 14 images in total.

Note: The term ‘photographic quality’ does not preclude the use of grain; soft definition or subject movement provided the usage enhances the visual image and does not look accidental or uncontrolled by the photographer. Special effects such as the use of ‘creative’ filters, infra-red film, grain screens or any derivative techniques are perfectly acceptable, but they should always enhance or add to the photograph rather than be used just for their own sake or because they create an initial impact.

Summing up, the assessors are looking for: – Photographic or technical quality, consistency, individuality (in pictorial submissions), sincerity and a sensitive presentation.