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July 2024


There shall be an annual exhibition of prints and projected images to be known as The Welsh Salon of Photography. It shall be open to any member of a club which is affiliated to the Welsh Photographic Federation or the North Wales Photographic Association.
What The Welsh Salon Is
The Welsh Salon of Photography is intended to be a showcase of the best work from photographers of clubs affiliated to the Welsh Photographic Federation or the North Wales Photographic Association.
It is not a way to gain points for FIAP, PSA or BPE awards.
Dual Club Membership
Entrants who are members of more than one club may enter work for one section as a member of one club, another section as a member of another club etc, or all of the sections as a member of one club, as they wish.  The entries for an individual section must not be  split between clubs. All the clubs represented must be affiliated to the WPF or NWPA.
Closing Date
The closing date for entries will be the date of the WPF AGM, 13 March 2022.
· Entrants must be paid up members of a photographic club or society affiliated to the WPF / NWPA
· An entrant may enter the THREE sections.
· Entries should be made in English.
· Sections will comprise Monochrome Prints, Colour Prints and Projected Images.
· Each section will have a maximum of 4 items.
· The same image must NOT be entered in more than ONE section
· Work accepted in a previous Welsh Salon will not be eligible.
· Slides are not permitted
· Images that are indistinguishable from each other or with the same title, whether prints or digital, will not be accepted for judging
· Images which have previously been accepted, or are indistinguishable from previously accepted images, cannot be entered in any category
· Every constituent image forming part of an entry must be originated by  photographic means by the photographer – who must hold the original copyright of all such constituent parts.
· The right of the WPF to reproduce accepted images for the catalogue, web-site, low resolution CD is given by the entrant.
· Submission of entry implies acceptance of the rules.

· Prints may be either home or trade printed.
· Prints must be mounted and backed securely, using art tape NOT masking tape, parcel tape, or Sellotape.
· The mounting board should be 50cm x 40cm and no larger; failure to comply will result in the disqualification of that print.
· Use of a SINGLE backing board is encouraged but it should be no thicker than the print mount as this will not allow it to be framed, should it be selected.
· Each print must bear, on the reverse, a title (25 characters max), the name and address of the entrant and the name of the club/ society. Please provide a digital copy of the print to the specification below.
· The title on the print, and the filename of the PDI must match the title on the entry form.
Projected Images
· The image title should be no more than 25 characters, the same as the name on the entry form in the format 1-TITLE, 2-TITLE and so on to ease administration of your entry.
· File size will be no bigger than 1600 pixels (horizontally) x 1200 pixels (vertically).

THREE selectors will be appointed by the Executive Committee, at least one of whom will be appointed from outside the WPF.
Entry Fees
Entry fees will be fixed by the Executive Committee and should be paid by PayPal,
Clubs must ensure entries are suitably packed to prevent them from damage in transit. Covers on print faces apart from a layer of paper are discouraged.

Return of Prints
 All prints and packaging will be retained until after the closure of the exhibition for protection of the prints.

Loss & Damage
Although every care will be taken with entries the WPF and its Officers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to entries