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FIAP – all information

Federation Internationale de Art Photographique (FIAP)
Many club photographers ask “What is AFIAP or EFIAP after a photographer’s name”? It is a distinction awarded for photographic merit by the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP for short).

What can be gained by having this distinction?  Well a lot!  Firstly, and most importantly, it introduces you to photography outside your club boundaries.  It is a challenge to see how well your pictures are received on an international stage.  It is nothing to be frightened of and is really worth ‘having a go’.  There is a list of Salons produced each year, and you can choose which ones to enter.  Often they have themes like ‘Man and Work’ or ‘Ecological Truth’, but most have ‘open colour’, ‘open mono’, nature and sections such as ‘travel’, ‘photo-journalism’, ‘creative’, etc. These competitions are set up by groups in most countries and they have a panel of judges who select the pictures.  If your picture is accepted then it will always be listed in their catalogue, and may be printed in the catalogue.  Some Salons do not produce catalogues, only a CD-ROM.  This will appear in the Internet list.  The great thing is that you will always see examples of the best photography that the Salon has produced. Any acceptances will go towards your distinction, the rules of which appear below.  To start with you will need to apply for a ‘FIAP Photographer’s Card’, which you pay for once.  You can then go forward and enter Salons to gain acceptances towards your distinction.

Have a go – or better still get a group of you together in your club to enter – it is great fun and addictive!

You can see some examples of some of the best AFIAP acceptances last year in the Scottish Photographic Federation.

FIAP PHOTOGRAPHER’S CARD All candidates for a FIAP Distinction made to national federations after 1st January 2004 must hold a FIAP Photographers Card.

You must apply for one of these Life Cards by registering with  FIAP 
You can register with FIAP by creating a free personal profile on the myfiap.net platform.

You can access the account here:  https://www.myfiap.net/user/register/fp

There is a video explaining how to proceed on Youtube : https://youtu.be/imghsDi8UiQ

You will be issued with a card number and a profile number, both of which you will be required to fill in on your dossier.

Closing date for applications this year is 10th September 2019.

Closing date for applications next year will be 10th September 2020.

When you apply for an AFIAP distiction, you will receive an introductory package containing all you need to know about the distinctions, plus application forms and an article explaining how to fill in your distinction form (AFIAP and EFIAP).   

All FIAP distinctions are awarded for life. 

For either of the two different categories of distinctions (for “photographic artistry” and for “services rendered”), the persons to whom these distinctions are awarded will only mention the highest distinction. However EFIAP Levels and MFIAP may be used concurrently.

NOTE! Full details of all distinctions can be found HERE.

Ed Cloutman
WPF FIAP Liaison Officer
March 2017

Contact Ed on fiap@thewpf.co.uk