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June 2024

How to navigate this Website

One or two of you have asked for advice on how to quickly find particular items on this website. Look no further.

The Left Sidebar

Upcoming Events – Here we have a diary of upcoming events. Just click on any event to see information.

The Calendar – Click on any date to see what events are happening on that day.

The Right Sidebar

Main Pages – This is a quick link to all the main fixed pages on the site. (Note, ‘Pages’ are fixed whereas ‘posts’ are news items that are added to the site as and when necessary).

News Categories Possibly the most useful menu, this is an index of the posts that appear on site. There are various category headings, for example ‘Exhibitions’. Click on any subject to see a summary of all the posts that have been included in that category. (This will display a chronological list of posts with the latest first. Just click on the title of the post to view it in full). Note, many posts are placed into more than one category. For example, news about FIAP distinctions can be found under ‘Distinctions – FIAP’ and ‘Organisations – FIAP’. (Note, all the latest ‘posts’ are visible on the front page and older posts can be seen under ‘older entries’ as you scroll down).

News Archives – This is in the form of a drop-down menu that enables you to select any given month and see all the posts that were written in that month.

Search for a Post – It does what it says on the tin.

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