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November 2021
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2022 Memorial Trophies Competitions

With the New Year upon us and a number of Clubs opening up to physical meetings we felt that its is time the WPF started following the same route. To this end we are announcing that the next Memorial Trophies Competition will return to its previous methodology that is: –

Each Club can enter: –

1. Four Colour Prints by four different photographers.
2. Four PDIs by four different photographers.
3. A “set” of four mono prints by 4 different photographers.

Let’s welcome back the world of printing! Each of the 3 competition above will be competing for a Trophy.

The closing date will be 9th January 2022 and the competitions will be held on the 23rd January 2022 with an entry fee of £10 per Club.

Because we have no idea what the COVID Protocols will exist at that time we need to be as flexible as possible and to that end we have decided to use the Briton Ferry Hall that we have used previously – the thinking is that the hall is capable of holding up to 300 people but even if we have to maintain a 2 Metre spacing they can still accommodate 80 attendees – so maybe at least 2 per Club. We will discuss with the Welsh Governments COVID department what else we need to do nearer the date to ensure attendees will know in advance whether masks will be required and whether COVID Passes will need to be shown at the door – we will publish a full attendee protocol at that time. (I do want to thank and apologise to Margaret Jones of New Quay CC who offered the use of the New Quay Hall, which I would have liked to honour – but the size of this facility gives us a better opportunity – I hope that in future we can all spend a weekend out West – thanks Margaret!).

We will appoint an external Judge of great experience to look at the entries. There is a strong possibility that we could again run a “Blended” Event with Zoom plus Attendees – but I do need to discuss this with Del Jones and Susan Surridge and to consider the situation in line with how many entries we receive! (If we do we would then require a PDI copy of each print to allow for Zoom Broadcast.)

I will publish full updated rules by the weekend – but please let me know your intention to enter such a competition – next week!

Thanks for reading!

Roy Thomas

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