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WPF registration 2020

Hi everybody,

I have sent to every club secretary 4 documents for the WPF club registration for 2020. Just in case there is a glitch in the club receiving the document I have linked to copies below. The Registration form, Club Data sheet  and Registration need to be returned to me by 11 January 2020.

registration form v2020                  CLUB DATA SHEET 2020

Included in the e-mail is a letter explaining the changes regarding the Public Liability insurance and the current rates by the PAGB preferred broker Darwin Clayton.  Please note the cover provided last year ends on the 31 January 2020, so payment for the new year should be with the broker by then. (please note the insurance application has a section for “all risks” for those who use Darwin Clayton for that type of insurance)

Public liability insurance Application 20-21                 PLI Club Insurance changes letter

If there are any queries please e-mail me on treasurer@thewpf.co.uk

Dave Condon

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