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2018 Welsh Salon

The 2018 salon will be with us soon the closing date as past years will be our AGM day 4th March 2018, with the selections taking place on the 24th and 25th March. The three selectors are Vince Penticost, Jonnie Rogers and Ian Whiston of Northwich Cheshire. The salon will open for entries in January with the cost staying the same as last year.

I’m looking for a venue to exhibit our salon big enough for 150 prints hopefully there are members in the WPF who can suggest a place where I can visit please have a think and let me know.

Cliff Emery

Invitation to Enter The Memorial Trophies

Dear Club Secretary/Competition Secretary,

I have pleasure in inviting your Club/Society to take part in The WPF Memorial Day Trophies which will take place on Sunday 21st January 2018, not the 14th as previously reported to us. The 2017 day was a great success, and we hope to emulate that success in 2018.

I attach the rules of the competition, and details of the entry requirements. I also attach an entry form which I would be grateful if you would return to me with your entry.

Entry Rules     Word Doc     PDF

Entry Form     Word Doc     PDF

Note, forms changed on 28th November due to error with dates…..

If you have any queries about anything, please email me here, or call me on 07772 657296.

I look forward to receiving your entry, and meeting you at the Competition on 21st January.

Martin Nagle (CELO – Welsh Photographic Federation)

Bridgend 5 to 8 Photoharmony Entry Deadline

The annual Bridgend 5 to 8 Photoharmony competition is accepting entries until 19 February.

Judging takes place at 7.30pm on 19 March at our usual venue, Nolton Church Hall, Bridgend and non-members are welcome to attend. The judge this year is Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB.

Full details and on-line entry are available on our website.

Bridgend 5 to 8 Photoharmony Competition

The annual Bridgend 5 to 8 Photoharmony competition is accepting entries until 19 February.

Judging takes place at 7.30pm on 19 March at our usual venue, Nolton Church Hall, Bridgend and non-members are welcome to attend. The judge this year is Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB.

Full details and on-line entry are available on our website.

Invitation to Enter The Pair of Aces

Dear Club Secretary,

On behalf of the WPF, I would like to invite your Club to take part in the Pair of Aces Competitions which will be held on Saturday 17th February 2018. The event will be held at the Regency Hall in Saundersfoot. (Post code and how to get there details to follow). There are 2 competitions, namely the  Ace of Clubs (for PDI’s) and Ace of Prints. The winners and runners up in each section will be invited to represent the WPF at the PAGB Championships in Warwick and Blackburn respectively later in 2018. I have not appointed judges for the Competition yet, and will let you know who they are later.  The rules are slightly different this year. The aim is bring them more in line with the PAGB rules.

The full rules can be seen here, and will be presented to you again early in December. 

This was a very successful competition when it was held in Trealaw in February this year, and produced teams to go forward to the national events. There was a large attendance on the day, and the large number of WPF members who were there reported a very enjoyable competition. I hope that you and your Club members will join in this Competition in 2018.

If you wish to discuss any of this with me please contact or call 07772 657296, or speak to any WPF Executive member.

Best wishes,

Martin Nagle CELO WPF

2017 AWPF Assessment Results

The assessment of this year’s AWPF candidates took place at Talbot Green Community Centre on Sunday 5th November 2017. There were 19 entries, 16 print and 3 digital, resulting in 11 successful candidates gaining their AWPF.

Congratulations to the following successful candidates:

  1. Gillian Mackay AWPF – Tenby C.C. – MAN UP MUDDY WEEKEND
  2. Roy Peters AWPF – Tenby C.C. – ABANDONED
  3. Suzanne Donovan AWPF – Caerphilly C.C. – MEGALOPOLIS 2.0
  4. Christine Tidman AWPF – Gwynfa C.C. – RAGGED VICTORIANS
  5. Carole Evans AWPF – Morriston C.C. – TOWER
  6. Michael Hodgson AWPF – LOVE OF FLOWERS
  7. Sarah Canton AWPF – Wrexham & District P. S. – AT THE WATERS EDGE
  8. Kenneth Prandy AWPF – Abergavenny C.C. – THE RIO TINTO MINING AREA
  9. Chris Powell AWPF – Western Valley C.C. – REFUSE TO CONFORM
  10. Colin Harrison AWPF – Midland Counties P.F. – GOLD KING MINE SCRAPYARD ARIZONA
  11. Jean M Chadwick AWPF – Llandudno P.S. – ASPECTS OF INDIAN LIFE

The Judges were.

  1. Allen Lloyd, (Chairman) ARPS. AWPF
  2. Jenny Hibbert MPAGB, AWPF. EFIAP
  3. Brian Coleman AWPF. AFIAP
  4. Leigh Woolford DPAGB. AWPF. EFIAP BPE3*
  5. Pete McCloskey FRPS. APAGB.

The day was made possible because of the help given by many dedicated people and I would like to thank them all, in particular. The Judges for their detailed critique, our President Cliff Emery for opening the proceedings and presenting the certificates to the successful candidates, John Cooke our past distinctions Officer for his guidance, Jan Cawley for arranging the buffet, Dave Rees, Howard Evans, Ron Lines, Guy Butler-Madden, and Allan Squires.

The standard was very high this year and those less successful candidates, all of which were so close to gaining the award, are recommended to address the constructive comments made by the judges and apply again next year. We hold a workshop in the spring to advise potential applicants on how to construct a successful panel.

Next year’s Applications for the AWPF, will open at the WPF’s  AGM on the 4th March 2018.

The workshop will be in May 2018 and the assessment day will be next November.

Thank you all

David Lewis AWPF (Distinctions Secretary).

Pixels 2017 Results – Mold once more…

Thanks to Gwynfa Camera Club for this report…. Links are to their website…

Pixels 2017, the 13th running of the competition, took place at Talbot Green Community Centre on Saturday 4th November 2017 and was a tense, exciting and high scoring affair.

It was a particularly good day for Mold Camera Club from the NWPA who, with 76 points from a possible 80, were the winners just a single point ahead of four clubs namely Western Valley, Towy Valley, Barry & Gwynfa. Mold became only the fourth club to win for a second time.

The Mold photos were: Baby Gets a Kick From Dad by Andy Polakowski (19), Dancing Through the Dirt by Matt Morrow (20), The Busker by Rich Hainsworth (19) and Unlucky For Some by Linda Bell (18). Click on the links to see the photographs.

The judge was Brian Swinyard MA(Photo), ARPS, EFIAP/b, DPAGB, BPE3*, PPSA who did a terrific job of expertly judging 156 images. He was concise, humorous and informative. Brian also selected Frozen in Time by John Hufferdine of Towy Valley as Best Monochrome Photograph and Tempest by Eric Williams of Western Valley as Best Colour Photograph.

Gwynfa Camera Club would like to thank everyone who attended the competition and all 39 clubs that entered. Without you, this event would not be possible.

Click here to see the final Pixels 2017 score sheet.

We also wish to thank everyone from team Gwynfa who helped out on the day. Special thanks to Leigh Woolford, Rob Beynon, Heidi Stewart, Lynda Beynon, Allan Squires, Steve Littlewood, Alec Stewart, Gary Welsby, Meryl Natt and Rob Owen..

Huge thanks also to all those who donated raffle prizes especially Fotospeed, Permajet and Carmarthen Cameras.

Also special thanks to Crystal Vision Locks and Trophies for providing the Pixels Trophies.

A slideshow of all the photographs entered can be seen below. (NB. Alec Stewart of Gwynfa accepted the Pixels Trophy on behalf of Mold).

PAGB APM Assessment Day in Neath.

The WPF Exec have arranged an APM Assessment Day on Saturday, 20th January, at Shalone Road Community Centre, Britten Ferry, Neath, SA11 2NS.

The team will consist of Rod Wheelans Hon PAGB, AMPA, FIPF,  MPAGB, MFIAP, Ann Greiner MPAGB, Gordon Jenkins APAGB  and Richard  Speirs DPAGB APAGB.

The cost of the day will be £15 for members bringing prints and images along for assessment and £5 to attend as an observer.

There will be a limit of 35 members for the assessments but no limit for observers.  FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.

You will need to bring a packed lunch or travel out for lunch.  Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please email Jan Cawley asap to book your space.

Welsh salon Entry Deadline

The Welsh Salon of photography 2018 is now open to receive entries. To enter please visit the following website. The cost to enter is the same as last year.

Closing date is Sunday March 4th 20.59.

You can bring your print entries to our AGM on the day of closing or deliver to:

4 Seaward Avenue, Port Talbot, SA12 7LT.

Good Luck

Cliff Emery Salon Chairman

Memorial Trophies Day

A series of three competitions will held on Sunday 21st January 2018, comprising of the following:

The Walter Morgan Memorial Trophy for Monochrome Prints
The Gwyn Morgan Memorial Trophy for Projected Digital Images
The WPF Memorial Trophy for Colour Prints

The competitions collectively shall be known as the WPF Memorial Trophies Day.

The Walter Morgan Trophy competition will start 10.00 am, and the Gwyn Morgan Trophy Competition will follow, starting not before 11.30am. The WPF Memorial Trophy will start at 2.00pm, following a lunch break. Hot and cold drinks will be provided throughout the day, but lunch will not, so you are advised to bring your own.

The competitions will be held at Shelone Road Community Centre, Shelone Rd,  Briton Ferry, Neath SA11 2NS

The judge will be Rod Wheelans FRPS, MPAGB, APAGB, MFIAP, Past President of the PAGB, and a judge with an outstanding record of judging up to and including International Competitions.

FIAP success for WPF photographers

Good news from the FIAP Liaison Officer

I am glad to inform you that all those seeking FIAP distinctions this year have succeeded!  These are:

Charlie Kidd AFIAP
Chris Tidman AFIAP
Gary Jenkins AFIAP
Glenn Porter AFIAP
Jenny Hibbert EFIAP/b
Lynford Hallett AFIAP
Matthew Jones EFIAP/b
Neville Thomas EFIAP/s
Nick Craddock AFIAP

Well done all of you! I will amend the website. I have emailed you separately about how to get the certificates to you.

I hope this will encourage more of you to ‘have a go’ at showing your work in internationals salons. It really is good fun waiting to see how many you have got in!

Ed Cloutman (FIAP Liaison Officer)

Nik Collection will have a future!

DxO has acquired the Nik Collection from Google and plans to continue to develop the Collection for the benefit of the photographer community. More details here.

It seems the recent petition may have had an effect.

Venice with the Byrams

This from Tony and Jenny Byram…

Following a period of uncertainty – mainly about Jenny’s new hip – I am pleased to say that there will be a Venice Carnival Trip next February.

The final cost, which does not include flights but covers all accommodation (B&B) at Gatwick and in Venice, plus all the usual ‘extras’ is dependent on the latest £/€ rate but should be around £900. 

If you are interested send me an email and I’ll send you further details. 

Tony Byram.

WPF Entries for the Celtic Challenge 2017

Here are the WPF Entries for the Celtic Challenge 2017. The competition to take place in Stirling Scotland on November 18th.


  Title Author
01 My Toy Mike Cullis
02 Pillion Passenger David Bolton
03 Landed in the Water Brian Merry
04 The Artist Gillian MacKay
05 I’m Out of Here John Cooke
06 Punishing Blow Mike Cullis
07 There, Is That Better? David Bolton
08 The Ploughman Rosie Dungay
09 Misty Moorings Gareth Martin
10 Bringing Home My Girls David Bolton


Title Author
01 Hope Valley Dawn Fog David Lewis
02 The Boathouse Ron Lines
03 Arctic Driftwood Mike Culllis
04 The Historian David Norton
05 Beast of Burden Allan Richardson
06 Girl on the Phone Gillian MacKay
07 Egret with Fish Mile Cullis
08 The Blocks David Norton
09 Deep Sea Fishing David Bolton
10 Have Some Chris Powell


Title Author
01 A Walk Before the Storm Susan Surridge
02 Tempestuous Sea Eric Williams
03 Desert Elephant Romp Mike Cullis
04 The Agent Matthew Jones
05 Beaver Kitten Feeding Jenny Hibbert
06 Gower Ponies Allan Jenkinson
07 Horses of Kenfig Jayne Libby
08 Blue Heron Dispute Mike Cullis
09 Lamping Up Ron Lines
10 The Smiling Hurdler Brian Merry


Dobson Henry Medal for Linda & Edgar

Gwynfa Camera Club Members Linda Gibbs MPAGB, AV-AFIAP and Edgar Gibbs FRPS, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP have each been awarded the Royal Photographic Society’s Dobson Henry Medal.  This award is for outstanding contributions in the Audio Visual medium. This not only includes organising events at national and international level, but helping and advising others. They were each presented with a medal at the National Audio Visual Championship on Saturday 23rd September, only the fourth couple to receive the award.

Linda and Edgar, who have been involved in the medium for nearly 30 years, said that they were delighted and honoured to be awarded their Medals, which were presented to them by RPS President Robert Albright FRPS.


Clive Minnitt Hangs Up His Boots

Well known lecturer Clive Minnitt has decided to retire from giving club lectures.

Clive says “I have been a speaker on the WPF circuit for many years (although infrequently speaking) and I have decided to hang up my boots, as it were, to concentrate my efforts on leading photographic tours for Light & land.”

We all wish him well in the future and thank him for the very enjoyable lectures he brought to clubs all over the WPF.