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Successful AWPF Panels Now On Site

The AWPF adjudications took place on the 13th November with eight of the 19 applicants (42%) achieving the distinction. The judges were (Kevin Thomas MA FRPS (Chair), John Chamberlain FRPS MFIAP APAGB, Roger Parry ARPS AFIAP Hon PAGB, Ann Davies EFIAP DPAGB and Leigh Woolford AWPF AFIAP). The distinction event was coordinated by Alan Shepherd APWF ARPS who did an remarkable job of making sure everything ran smoothly, and at his first attempt. If you wish to see the successful panels…..

The successful photographers were;-

Alec Stewart – Gwynfa CC.

Arthur Nash – Rhondda CC / Gwynfa CC.

Barry Hill – Merthyr CC.

Dave Bolton – Tenby CC.

Joyce Mollet – Llanelli PS

Richard Craze – Pyle & Porthcawl PS.

Susan Ashford – Swansea CC.

Tim Knifton – Newport PC.

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