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Pictures to EXE Version 7.0.2 released:

Pictures to EXE Version 7.0.2 is released: Download here. What’s New in PicturesToExe Deluxe 7.0
Key features:

Video Clips in Slideshows
Put video files onto slides and apply effects (3D effects, Masks, Pan/Zoom/Rotate, Shadow, etc). Playback in real time. PicturesToExe has a built-in converter for video files with the ability to resize or crop video clips. Unsharp Mask for Sharp Picture
This feature dramatically increases the sharpness of the picture. PicturesToExe adds unsharp mask for the entire screen in real time, even for slides with animation.

Improved Quality of Picture on DVD
Now, PicturesToExe is the only software program that provides the best picture quality with more details on DVD. We use smart image processing to deliver the best quality.

Improved User Interface
Slide list displays the times of slides and duration of the transition effects. Updated view of the main window of the program.

New Navigation Bar in Slideshows
With a slider control for rewinding and sound volume control.

Recording of Voice Comments
You can easily record sound or voice comments to slides right in PicturesToExe.

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