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Update on Jan Cawley

At 11.00pm on Friday night I called the ambulance because Jan became very ill quite quickly.  The paramedics were wonderful and found she was running a very high temperature and fever.

They took her to the Heath hospital where intravenously they reduced her temperature.  She was eventually moved to the nephrology transplant unit where she had her kidney transplant over a year ago.

Jan has polycystic kidney disease which is a horrible disease which gradually eats away the kidneys and liver and replaces them with cysts.  When one of these burst they can infect the blood system quite suddenly.  This has happened twice before so I suspect that this may be the cause.  Only my diagnosis however as I am not a doctor of medicine, only plants and they work in a slightly different way!

They have carried out a few tests and have decided she has an infection though they do not know the cause.  She will have more tests when they all return from holiday on Tuesday. There is only a skeleton staff at the hospital at present.

Hope to know more on Tuesday – she is very upset about missing Linda’s funeral and does not want to miss the opening of our Salon.


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