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WPF Email Problems – Club Secretaries please read

To all Club Secretaries….

The recent Registration exercise proved to be even more problematic than ever. More Email service providers treated the despatches as spam, more people are using tablets and phones to access their email – which does not appear to work in the same way as email on a PC or laptop.

To try to remedy the problem and to ensure that your club does not miss out on something important, would you try these steps, please?

* Add my email address – janlwilliams@btinternet.com – to your Safe Senders, or White list.

* Check your Spam folder regularly – especially if you have set it to auto-delete after x days.

* If you haven’t already, subscribe to Newsflash – webmanager@thewpf.co.uk and forward it on to your members.

*  Check the WPF website – www.thewpf.co.uk regularly.

Here are some dates for your diary.

The pivotal event, on which everything else depends, is the Annual Registration. The documents ALWAYS go out in the first week of December and the closing date is ALWAYS 12 January. This date is extremely tight and only gives us about 10 days to sort out any queries and for Dave Condon to collate everything and send it off to ensure its arrival before 31 January. If you have not received the documents by 14 December, something has gone wrong, so please let me know straight away. If you could return the forms before everyone disappears for Christmas, it would help enormously.

If you are wondering when the Welsh Salon paperwork is due, it is sent out as soon as I am satisfied that the Secretary Email addresses are as up to date and as correct as I can make them, hopefully by the end of January. If it’s late, it’s because someone is late responding, or has not replied to my queries!

The next big event is the AGM. This is ALWAYS the first Sunday in March. The official notification and the first batch of documents are sent at the beginning of February. If you don’t receive it, please let me know straight away.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Jan Williams (WPF Gen Sec)

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