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Bristol International Closing Date Extended

We’ve received this from Pete Howell, Salon Chairman for the Bristol International.


As our website had to be shut down for 4 days, due to technical problems beyond our control, we have been permitted to extend the closing date

The Closing Date is now – 3 February 2016

Just a few quick words to remind you that the closing date for the 2016 Bristol International Salon of Photography is only a few short weeks away and that you can enter by clicking the following link where you can download a copy of the conditions & rules of entry and enter the Salon on line – please click here.

Closing date is the end of January but there is an “Early Bird” offer:- If we receive your entry before 3 January 2016, your entry fee will be reduced by up to approximately 18% (£2GB, €2.40, $3.30US, $3.60AU).

If you require any further details or have any queries, please email me, Pete Howell, at chairman@bristolsalon.co.uk 

Every entrant receives a 4* catalogue.

We look forward to seeing your entry soon.

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