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Site Navigation – News Categories.

One the right hand side of this home page you will see two menus: ‘Main Pages‘ and ‘News Categories‘.

Under ‘Main Pages‘ you will find information about subjects such as ‘Competitions’ or ‘AWPF Distinctions’. This is mostly general information and does not change frequently.

However, for the very latest news on a particular subject you need to look at the ‘News Categories‘ menu which is found below the ‘Main Pages’ menu. This is an easy way of finding ‘news posts‘ on a particular subject.

‘News posts’ are the articles and items you see in the middle of the home page. They are added to the site almost daily and when a new one is added to the website it is also assigned to one or more ‘News Categories’. This is intended to make things easy to find. For example, this post has been assigned to both the ‘WPF – Website’ and ‘Help and Advice’ news categories.

There are around 30 of these ‘News Categories’ and you can click on any of them to find a list of the latest news posts about that subject.

For example if you click on ‘Competitions – Memorial‘ you will see a chronological list of all the posts about the Memorial Trophy (with the latest shown first). Click on any post heading to reveal the full post.

This is the easiest way to find what you want.

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