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WPF to host two exhibitions in Newport

The WPF is hosting two exhibitions at the Riverfront, Kingsway, Newport NP20 1HG in the near future. The first is the FIAP Biennial Colour Print Exhibition from 5th to 29th October,2015. It is an Exhibition that will have some 220 prints showing the work of some 20+ Countries. The second is the PAGB Interfederation Print and PDI […] […]

FIAP Biennial Results

Here are the full results for the FIAP Biennial held in Smethwick. Whilst Wales only managed 13th place congratulations go to both Dave Edwards with his Adelie Penguins & Alan Jenkinson with his Early Tarn, both of whom were awarded FIAP Honourable Mentions for their prints.   […]

FIAP Colour Biennial 2015 – Winter

The WPF wants your prints on the theme of ‘Winter’ for the FIAP Colour Biennial 2015 which will be held in England. The closing date is in June so we will need prints by the middle of May. In the first instance, please send digital images to Jan Cawley in order for us to collate plenty of […] […]

Chilterns Association become CACC

The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs has changed the name of its website from www.chilternsassociationofcameraclubs.co.uk to www.thecacc.org.uk […]

FIAP, PSA & RPS re-define Nature & Wildlife

The same definition for nature and wildlife categories will now be used in competitions and exhibitions by three major international photographic organizations, the FIAP, PSA and RPS. Three of the world’s largest international photography organizations have devised a common definition for nature and wildlife photography. The Photographic Society of America (PSA) which represents 6500 members and […] […]

Ian Gets Bronze

At Pixels 2103 Jan Cawley, President of the WPF, took the opportunity to present Ian Ledgard with his recent FIAP Bronze Medal for his photograph entitled “Conducting the Choir”. […]

MFIAP for Mervyn

At Pixels 2103 Jan Cawley, President of the WPF, also presented Mervyn Pugh with his MFIAP Certificate. It is the first MFIAP ever to be awarded in the Welsh Photographic Federation. A slideshow of Mervyn’s MFIAP panel can be seen here. […]

Mervyn Pugh’s MFIAP Panel

Mervyn Pugh has kindly sent us a copy of his MFIAP panel based on the men of Tower Colliery. It can be seen below. It is a remarkable achievement. Well done Mervyn! [Show picture list] […] […]

FIAP News from Jan Cawley

This is a bit of a tome! Make a pot of tea and relax! I have not heard ‘Officially’ yet and when I do I will write to lodge our complaint about this latest news from FIAP. Apparently if you run a circuit (a Salon with two, three or sometimes four different countries) unless each country […] […]

FIAP Distinctions – It’s Official….

Great news from Jan Cawley I am delighted to announce that all twenty one applicants have been successful in achieving their FIAP Distinctions this year. My congratulations go to: AFIAP Barry Hill, Paul Davies, Brian Coleman, Cliff Emery, Dave Russell, Gwynfryn Jones, Jenny Hibbert, Robert Dummer and Vikki Baines. EFIAP Ed Cloutman, Alan Jenkinson, Gill Mackay, Graham Davies, Haydn Thomas, […] […]

Message to Competition Secretaries

Jan Cawley has sent us the following: On behalf of the Welsh Photographic Federation I would like to enter the FIAP Biennial next month and would therefore like you all to send me some images. The subject matter is an open one but in order to achieve coherence I have to have some basic theme […] […]

FIAP Applications 2013

Jan Cawley has asked us to publish the following information: For everyone applying for the AFIAP, EFIAP and Levels Distinctions in February, I will be at The Memorial Trophy if you want to hand anything in to me. I attach the ‘old rules’ and the ‘new rules’ (for post June 2013). If you are applying […] […]

FIAP Distrinctions – The next thrilling episode…

To all FIAP Applicants; Jan Cawley has received updated news from Dave Coates, who attended the FIAP Congress in Singapore telling her that WPF photographers can still apply in February 2013 using the old rules. Jan is very sorry for all who have spent a lot of money on gaining extra acceptances but please don`t […] […]

URGENT – New FIAP Disctinction Rules to apply immediately.

Jan Cawley, our FIAP representative, has received a letter from the FIAP Distinctions Secretary which tells her that since our last Diplomas were dated after January 2012 we cannot, as previously thought, apply in with the 2012 regulations. We have to apply using the new regulations. This significantly affects photographers who were intending to apply […] […]