September 2019
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Smethwick International Open for Entries

The Smethwick International, now in its 45th year, is one of the largest International Exhibitions of Photography held in the UK. Held each year in January at their club buildings which are the FIAP Exhibition Centre for the UK, every year it attracts visitors from all over the UK during its ten-day run. They offer all […] […]

FIAP success for WPF photographers

Good news from the FIAP Liaison Officer I am glad to inform you that all those seeking FIAP distinctions this year have succeeded! These are: Charlie Kidd AFIAP Chris Tidman AFIAP Gary Jenkins AFIAP Glenn Porter AFIAP Jenny Hibbert EFIAP/b Lynford Hallett AFIAP Matthew Jones EFIAP/b Neville Thomas EFIAP/s Nick Craddock AFIAP Well done all of you! I will amend the website. I have emailed you […] […]

Award for Port Talbot Salon

News from Ed Cloutman the FIAP Liaison Officer for the WPF It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Darren Boxer and his team have been awarded the FIAP Bronze Plaquette for carrying out efficiently five Port Talbot International Salons of Photography. Congratulations to you and your team Darren, and how good this is […] […]

Congratulations to Eric & Arthur

Congratulations to Eric Pearce and Arthur Mallett having received their AFIAP Distinctions Awards from The WPF President. (From left to right, Eric Pearce AFIAP, Vince Penticost and Arthur Mallett AFIAP).   […]

2015 FIAP Biennial Results

Here are the full results for the FIAP Biennial held in Smethwick. Whilst Wales only managed 13th place congratulations go to both Dave Edwards with his Adelie Penguins & Alan Jenkinson with his Early Tarn, both of whom were awarded FIAP Honourable Mentions for their prints.   […]

Ian Gets Bronze

At Pixels 2103 Jan Cawley, President of the WPF, took the opportunity to present Ian Ledgard with his recent FIAP Bronze Medal for his photograph entitled “Conducting the Choir”. […]

MFIAP for Mervyn

At Pixels 2103 Jan Cawley, President of the WPF, also presented Mervyn Pugh with his MFIAP Certificate. It is the first MFIAP ever to be awarded in the Welsh Photographic Federation. A slideshow of Mervyn’s MFIAP panel can be seen here. […]

Mervyn Pugh’s MFIAP Panel

Mervyn Pugh has kindly sent us a copy of his MFIAP panel based on the men of Tower Colliery. It can be seen below. It is a remarkable achievement. Well done Mervyn! […] […]

Well done Rhodri & Linda

Congratulations to Rhodri Llewellyn AFIAP of Cardiff CC who achieved his CPAGB and to Linda Cowen CPAGB AFIAP of Neath & District PS who achieved her DPAGB at the recent distinction adjudications at Bromsgrove. If you want to know how to go about getting these awards, click here. […]

2013 FIAP Distinctions for WPF members

Great news from Jan Cawley I am delighted to announce that all twenty one applicants have been successful in achieving their FIAP Distinctions this year. My congratulations go to: AFIAP Barry Hill, Paul Davies, Brian Coleman, Cliff Emery, Dave Russell, Gwynfryn Jones, Jenny Hibbert, Robert Dummer and Vikki Baines. EFIAP Ed Cloutman, Alan Jenkinson, Gill Mackay, Graham Davies, Haydn Thomas, […] […]

2012 FIAP Awards for 23

We are delighted to announce that all the WPF applicants, 23 of them, have received their FIAP awards.Many congratulations to the following people: AFIAP Val shepherd Susan Ashford Robbie Tucker Robert Owens Mike Baker John Cooke Gillian Mackay Gary Collyer Malcolm Kingswell Ed Cloutman Darren Boxer Alan Jenkinson Rhodri Llewellyn Philippa Wood Linda Cowen Neville Thomas EFIAP Mervyn Pugh Gary Shinner David Edwards EFIAP bronze Jill Baxter Andrew Baxter Ann Davies Jan Cawley Well done everyone. It is customary to present all […] […]

FIAP Gold Medal for Alan Shepherd

Hearty congratulations to Alan Shepherd AWPF ARPS AFIAP of Gwynfa Camera Club who had a FIAP Gold Medal for his photo “Empty Table” in the 2011 Ecological Truth International Salon in Serbia. […]

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Byram!

Many congratulations to Tony and Jenny Byram who have both achieved their EFIAP. Well done both! […]

2011 International Salon Acceptances

WPF Members have achieved numerous international acceptances in recent weeks. Bor 2011 Mike Baker had 6 acceptances Andrew Baxter had 5 acceptances Jill Baxter had 10 acceptances Darren Boxer had 5 acceptances Jan Cawley had 4 acceptances Ed Cloutman had 8 acceptances Phil Davies had 1 acceptance Alan Jenkinson had 11 acceptances Colin Kelly who 1 […] […]

2011 FIAP Awards for 15 WPF Photographers

We are very pleased to be able to announce that all the 2010 FIAP Distinction application results have been received and many congratulations go to the following members; Those who have achieved their EFIAP are:- Robert Lloyd, Jill Baxter, Andrew Baxter, Phillip Davies and Jan Cawley. Those who have achieved their AFIAP are:- Graham Davies, Dennis Russ, […] […]