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The PAGB Judges List

There have been a couple of queries as to what is required to become a PAGB judge. The first thing to decide is do you want to travel and judge in England and possibly further afield. Much of the judging in England is carried out ‘on-the-night’. Here are main points taken from the PAGB website: Persons nominated […] […]

PAGB Handbook – Judges & Presenters – Action needed

It is time to update the PAGB handbook so if you want your name to be included in the next handbook please would you check the lists and tell me of any updates you wish to include. Lists can be viewed below: Judge List Presenter List Please do not alter the lists – just cut-and-paste your amendments […] […]

A note to club Competition Secretaries

It would be very useful to judges if you could include with your entries an Excel or Word file with the table of titles and scores as well as/instead of a printed list which the judge then has to photocopy/scan. Seeing as this is produced as a table in any case, it would be easy […] […]

Nick’s New ‘Talktorial’

Nick Jenkins has put together a talk on landscape photography, as a ‘talktorial’ as he puts it. This is an evening of an analysis of landscape photography actively inviting discussion on the construction of what makes a good landscape composition . The talk has already been given to Western Valley Camera Club, and a booking has […] […]

Come on Clubs

This is an appeal to all clubs. The WPF Judges and Presenters, struggle through the rush-hour traffic, many times in appalling weather conditions (to find a lot of club members have stayed in), driving at night through the winter months, so that you can be entertained. Is it much to ask that you, in return, give the […] […]

Monochrome Talk in 2018?

This from Gareth Martin at Cymru Mono. If anyone fancies doing a Monochrome print or Digital talk or even a demonstration that hasn’t been to Cymru Mono in the last 12 months and I haven’t already booked you for the 2016/17/18 programme, please email me at cortez34@virginmedia.com. This is for 2018 so you have plenty of […] […]

Harry is mobile again

We are pleased to report that Harry Gardiner of Tenby is now able to drive again. Harry is an excellent speaker and one of our highest rated judges. If you wish to book him, you can find further details by clicking below. Judging Presenting […]

Andy’s New Talks

Andy Beel FRPS has sent us details of his new talks. Full details can be found here. If you are interested in booking Andy, his contact details are: Mobile 07970 078 624, Home 01275 839 666. www.andybeelfrps.co.uk http://andybeelfrps.wordpress.com […]

Change to Feedback Star Ratings

A couple of things have been brought to my attention and I thought it would be a good idea to clarify. Firstly I have altered the Star Rating System slightly. I have altered four stars from VERY GOOD to GOOD, as it was felt by one club that this made more sense between COMPETENT and […] […]

Aplogies to Pyle & Porthcawl

The WPF Judges and Presenters Secretary would like to apologise to Pyle and Porthcawl Photographic Society for erroneously stating that they had not sent any returns since the summer recess. This, of course, was quite wrong and they are one of our most conscientious clubs who regularly send in returns. Thank you Porth for bringing […] […]

Les calls it a day

After many years of judging, Les Loosemore has decided to reduce his heavy schedule and give up judging for the WPF. He will be greatly missed by the many clubs he has attended over the years and we wish him all the best in his retirement. Les will continue presenting so please keep an eye […] […]

WPF Judges & Presenters Secretary Reminder

To those clubs who are NOT participating in the Judges Feedback, please have second thoughts and choose a trustworthy person (not necessarily from the committee) to fill in the ONLINE FORMS. It is very simple to do and your comments are sent to me at the press of a button – no emails involved. Your […] […]

Note from the WPF Judges & Presenters Secretary

We’ve received this from Ed Cloutman. There has been one or two cases where I have received duplicate returns from clubs where there has been a battle. This makes life very difficult for me and so I ask that THE HOST CLUB ONLY puts in a return in the case of battles. We have to trust […] […]

Judges Training Day 2015

Jan Cawley and Ed Cloutman are holding a Judges Training Day at Rose Cottage, St Athan. There are two spare places for anyone who is interested and two dates are offered: Wednesday 10th June or Sunday 14th June 2015. If interested, please reply as soon as possible giving your preferred date. Full details here. Since we originally […] […]