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AWPF Assessments, 9th November 2014

Some excellent work was presented at this year’s AWPF assessments, held at Talbot Green Community Centre, which resulted in a higher pass rate than other years. There were 16 entries, 14 in prints and 2 in PDIs. 11 AWPF awards were made, resulting in a 69% success rate. Many congratulations to the successful candidates, who […] […]

AWPF Application Deadline

This year, the AWPF assessment day is Sunday 9th November and the closing date for applying is Sunday 26th October. So there is not long left to apply! Do you really want to have to wait another year? Your completed Print or PDI panel, your application form and cheque must all be with John Cooke before […] […]

AWPF Assessment Day this Sunday

This Sunday, November 9th sees the annual AWPF assessments take place. We haven’t been sent any information on start times etc. but it usually begins around 9.30 to 10am and lasts most of the day. Visitors are welcome. […]

AWPF Workshop 11th May 2014

There was a great turnout for the WPF workshop last weekend, with people coming from far and wide in less than perfect travelling conditions. Not only was it a great turnout, but members brought with them some outstanding work with the potential for making successful panels. I should like to take this opportunity to thank those who […] […]

AWPF Distinctions Workshop

An AWPF Workshop is being held on on 11 May 2014. This is your best opportunity to find out what is involved and how to construct an AWPF panel. If you have already made a start, bring your pictures with you for one-to-one assessment and advice from the team. A programme for the day can be […] […]

AWPF Assessment Workshop

A workshop intended to help those applying for their AWPF distinction is to be held on 11th May, 2014. The new AWPF contact is John Cooke. Tel: 01495 270895 Email: johncooke574@btinternet.com More details to follow…. […]

AWPF Assessment Day

[ November 9, 2014; ] Details to follow…. […]

New Leaflet about the WPF

The executive committee have produced a new leaflet explaining the role and functions of the Welsh Photographic Federation. It is now available for download from this website. You can find it here. […]

AWPF Distinction Successes

The 2013 AWPF Distinctions were held at Talbot Green on Sunday 10th November and out of the 12 who entered 5 were successful. Congratulations go to ;- Joanne Searle AWPF of Kinswood photographic Society David Jones AWPF of Conwy Camera Club Cliff Emery AWPF of Neath Photographic Society Vince Penticost AWPF of Western Valley Camera Club Angie Jones AWPF of […] […]

AWPF Distinctions Deadline Approaches

The closing date for this years AWPF distinction is Sunday 27th October and Alan Shepherd needs your submissions by this date. If you have not already sent him an application form then this needs to be enclosed with your submission along with the £30 cheque payable to the WPF. If you are going to Pixels (or […] […]

AWPF Distinctions Day

[ November 10, 2013; ] If you are thinking of entering then send in an application form and fee to ensure a place. Have a look at last year’s print and digital successes in the WPF Distinctions gallery to see the standard required. If you want any help then drop me an e-mail and I will get back to you. Alan […] […]

AWPF Workshop

An AWPF Workshop is being held in Talbot Green on Sunday 12th May. Anyone can come along, either to test the water or just to get a flavour. There will be some 50×40 mount boards and Blutack there if you want to bring smaller prints and attach them for viewing on the stands. The digital […] […]

AWPF Panels Address

The succesful panels from the recent AWPF adjudication day have now been added to our galleries page. […]

Goodonya Dennis

Below is a quote lifted from the recent quote from December 2012 edition of E-News, the PAGB newsletter: From a puzzled Welsh photographer (Dennis Russ AWPF AFIAP CPAGB of Abertawe PS & Cymru Mono). I’m no super duper photographer, but I enjoy my hobby to the full…. I enter my Club competitions and Externals when I’m […] […]